Monday, May 6, 2013

The Insidious Underlying Truth of US Immigration Policies

In response:

Close to 3 million people were legalized under Reagan's Amnesty in the mid-1980's. That compromise included huge increases in border and interior enforcement budgets that promised to end illegal immigration.

Then we had Clinton's NAFTA in the mid 1990's. Remember how they promised that the border factories (maquiladoras) would end illegal immigration to the US?

Both Amnesty and NAFTA contributed to the largest recorded influx of undocumented onto the US ever. The jump went from an estimated 3 million to the 11 or 12 million of today.

Where are articles about the over-crowding of American emergency rooms, schools, and loss of American jobs because of the increase of the undocumented? Rarely discussed is the unfair change in demographics of many American towns. For example travel to San Jacinto, CA. Go downtown and you will think that you are in Mexico.

As an retired USBP Agent it has taken me years to figure out the insidious underlying truth of US immigration policies (particularly with Mexico): (1) the bi-national elite profit off of the backs of undocumented laborers while sending all the costs and consequences to US taxpayers. (2) any immigration reform that does not address the greed of the bi-national elite as the cause of illegal immigration is simply more lies promoting and covering up number (1).

Demand that the bi-national elite forfeit profits so that the Mexican undocumented can live, work, and prosper at home (which would also benefit the disenfranchised American taxpayers).


  1. How do we do that?

  2. A peaceful cross border protest. Shut down a couple of major ports of entry for a few days (San Diego or El Paso). Get world-wide media coverage and hold up their trade so it starts costing them lots of money. Do you have any idea of how many cars, trucks, and pedestrians cross north at San Diego on an average daily basis? Cars = 25K, people 13K, and trucks = 5K.

    Have 11 million undocumented people join in, and then peacefully overwhelm DHS by showing up on ICE's footsteps and demanding to be put in immigration hearings (this is of course after this current reform legislation fails).

    Sometimes something has to be broken before it can be fixed.