Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kill The Bill Until They Fess Up To The Truth

In response:

A more humane border policy when the Mexican government effectively starves its own citizens North while the US Government condones and profits from this abuse too?

For decades now someone has been raking in billions made off of Mexican undocumented labor and the US taxpayer funded "border security" mirage.

Do you ever hear one senator from this Gang of 8 mention the US backed drug war in Mexico and its horrific results of 100,000 people dead? Does it ever dawn on these profiteers that their own failed drug war pushes people North (not to mention the devastating results of their predecessors' NAFTA on common citizens' lives on both sides of the fence)?

These clowns profit from the conditions that cause illegal immigration then profit from their "border security" industry that they create to supposedly stop it.

Do you think that they really want to "kill" the Mexican goose that lays those golden eggs?

They profit from Mexican poverty caused by their predecessors' NAFTA's dumping US corn and Wal-Mart in Mexico then profit from the US/Mexican undocumented who they helped proliferate?

I have had it with their "reform" and "immigration modernization" propaganda that simply creates more of the same suffering and costs for not only the undocumented but US taxpayers' too.

On top of everything else, they pretend to care about the undocumented by creating a new sub-class of RPI immigrants intended to suck the blood and labor out of them for somewhere between 5 and 13 year before considering giving them a "pathway' to citizenship? 

Kill the bill until they fess up to the truth.

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