Thursday, May 9, 2013

US Taxpayers Pay the Price While the Mexican Elite Disown Their own

There is something so very wrong with our "democratic" government which allows a major trading partner (Mexico) to disown* its own citizens at the expense of our own US citizens.

* discard, delude, demoralize, deny, disregard, destroy, deploy, disfranchise,  dehumanize, dump, dispose, destruct, drain, derail,  despise, disgrace, discourage, deceive, decry, defeat, defray, defy, defile, degrade, demote, demonize, deport, deposit (for remittances), disparage, deprave, derange, despair, deter, devour, detour, devastate, diminish, disapprove, disengage, discredit, dishonor, disfavor, disoblige, dislocate, dislodge, deport, disperse, distress, disuse, divorce, divide, dominate, dupe, etc.       

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