Thursday, May 23, 2013

Washington - Jerking Us Around About Illegal Immigration for Decades

In response:

Washington - you have been jerking us around about illegal immigration for decades. You told us Reagan's Amnesty in the mid-1980's and Clinton's NAFTA in the mid-1990's (coupled with the billions in "border security" increases) would solve the problem. The number of undocumented jumped from the some 3 million then to the estimated 11 million that it is today.

You guys tell us that Mexico is our friendly neighbor, yet the fencing at the ports of entry look like we are at war with Mexico. You guys share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico yet why do their poor keep coming? You guys never discuss the corrupt Mexican government's responsibility in maintaining the conditions that push their poor here when you pass immigration reform. I wonder why?

You pay border patrol agents to chase people around at night when many of those being chased are the same people who harvest our fruits and vegetables?

You stand by and let this travesty of migrants' rights continue when over 50% of our undocumented (Mexicans) would not come or stay here if they were to allowed to receive similar US wages and services in Mexico?   Could it be that you also profit from their undocumented labor and Latino politics? 

Your NAFTA shipped US jobs away and ruined small corn farmers and small business in Mexico. You support Calderon's 2006 drug war in Mexico which left some 100,000 people dead (including several US agents). Anyone with half a brain knows that Calderon's drug war was and still is a cartel take over of the competition. Then Harvard University grants this tyrant the First Angelopoulos Global Leader's Fellowship with a year of lucrative speaking engagements?

Both governments conspire to rape the good people on both sides of the fence. You guys stand back and let Mexico "export" its poor north so you can profit off of cheap labor while US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences?

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