Monday, May 20, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Elite Win And the 99% Pay The Price

In Response:

Pandering to the up and coming Latino vote while simultaneously sticking their RPI immigrants and US taxpayers with all the costs and consequences.

PRI immigrants are their newest creation of a sub class of indentured laborers. Our Washington profiteers will make sure they get their border security profits before allowing these people any chance of citizenship.

Meanwhile, US taxpayers will foot the bill for billions in border security capitalism not to mention the loss of jobs and long lines at hospital emergency rooms.

They will push this convoluted "reform" through because Americans are too lazy to figure out what they are really doing.

Washington and the undocumented's home countries elite create the conditions to push laborers here then shaft US taxpayers in the process. The elite win and the 99% pay the price with their own apathy.

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