Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Only A Fool Would Accept Another Immigration "Reform" Bill

In response:

"After 10 years, people with provisional legal status could apply for permanent residency if the new security and fencing plans were operating, a new mandatory employment verification system was in place, and a new electronic exit system was tracking who leaves the country."

This is how the US 1% will create a de facto permanent sub-class of workers (only a fool would believe their impossible goals can or will be met) while simultaneously enriching the never-ending pork of the US border security industrial complex.

All brought to you and made possible by the hard earned tax dollars of US citizens.

In the meantime - only a fool would believe that hungry people can be stopped from sneaking into the US.

Only a fool will continue to ignore that the corrupt Mexican government has disenfranchised their poor thus pushing them North resulting in over 50% of the US undocumented being Mexican.

Only a fool will continue to ignore the US taxpayers who have suffered the brunt of the costs and consequences of Washington's failed "immigration for profit" enforcement programs.

Only a fool will continue to ignore that the undocumented's home-country poverty is caused by the economic policies of the US elite and the undocumented's home-country elite.

Only a fool would accept another immigration reform bill that ignores the above while institutionalizing the greed of the elite and their failed, for profit immigration status quo.

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