Friday, May 17, 2013

Fix Broken Immigration? Fix Broken Washington

In response:

If you want to "Fix What's Broken" with immigration, you will have to fix what is broken in Washington. 

Washington serves the profiteers - not the public - and it is no different with immigration.

Immigration reform is all about the profitable use (and abuse) of labor - documented or not.

US taxpayers are just as much Washington's pawns (almost used the plural "b" word) as the laborers are. 
For decades now American taxpayers have been suffering the real costs and consequences of Washington's failed immigration polices.  If you want  to experience a double-whammy of Washington's failed policies (for-profit health care/immigration) go to a hospital emergency room in Sacramento, CA and wait in line for hours with the hoards of people (documented and not).

They could cut over one half of the public's costs and consequences of failed illegal immigration by forcing Mexico to take care of its own citizens.

But that could affect the profit margins of the bi-national 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and oil revenues.   

Senator Lindsey Graham recently slipped by calling Mexico a "hell hole" during this month's Senate markup to their proposed "Gang of 8's" immigration bill.   He was quickly corrected by Senator Jeff Sessions.

This slip and correction t by the two senators reveals exactly what Washington thinks of Mexican illegal immigration and trade:  we profit off of a " hell hole" which simultaneously sends us illegal laborers, trade and oil so don't reform that.     

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