Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Horrific Costs and Consequences of Illegal Immigration, Illegal Drugs and Illegal Guns

The US and Mexican elite create and profit from illegal immigration then dump the costs and consequences upon US taxpayers and the undocumented.

Note:  substitute "illegal drugs" or "illegal guns" for "illegal immigration" and you have two other  "designed to  fail" programs that the bi-national elite profoundly profit from at the profound expense and suffering of both the US and Mexican citizenry.       

On the US side:  billions in border enforcement, lost jobs, over-crowded emergency rooms, over-crowded school rooms, and in many cases changes in home town demographics that adversely affect resident US citizens' qualities of life.

On the Mexican side:  the push/pull of the bi-national elite's socio-economic profit policies force the Mexican undocumented to leave their homes and families and face the dangerous and sometimes deadly perils of crossing our mutual border.   Extreme poverty, human-rights violations, rampant corruption and official impunity are other realities of life that are part of the Mexican poor's very existence.    

Here is what Obama and Pena Nieto are not saying:  Despite our 1.25 billion dollars in daily cross-border trade, we agree to exchange laborers, drugs and oil for foreign aid, remittances, US trade, lucrative business investments and tons of illegal guns. 

In the last six years over 100,000 people have been slaughtered in Mexico as a result of Felipe Calderon's failed US backed war on drugs.  The horrific results on the US side are the US having the highest drug addiction, prison populations, and per capita gun related deaths in the world.

US corporations and Mexican cartels control both governments for profit.   That is why any attempts at immigration, drug or gun reform fails.   

Send us your laborers, drugs and oil and in kind we will repay you with foreign aid, remittances, US trade,  business investments and illegal guns. 
We the bi-national elite insidiously profit while sticking Mexico's undocumented and US taxpayer's with the horrific costs and consequences.      


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