Friday, May 17, 2013

"Agreement in Principle" About The Princial Cause Of Ilegal Mexican Immigration? Not On Your Life!

In Response:

How can they have "Agreement in Principle" concerning anything to do with Mexican illegal immigration when they refuse to consider the extreme poverty in Mexico as the principal cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US?

All of the reforms, drones, agents, and fences in the world will not effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into the US.

Those of you who live long enough will see that this "immigration reform" nightmare will be a recurring nightmare come true.

And I don't know what is worse: Washington telling us (again) that we can effectively stop it or US taxpayers believing (again) that we effectively can.

Actually, I do know what is worse: Washington pretending that they actually want to effectively stop or fix it.

This immigration "reform" rhetoric is so very similar to their 40 year-long, one trillion dollar rhetoric about illegal drugs.

Our illegal drugs and our illegal aliens both have a Mexican connection. And Felipe Calderon, Mexico's Drug War President whose US backed drug war policies have left over 100,000 dead in Mexico is now a Harvard fellow?

The tangle webs they (we) weave.

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