Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washington Immigrarion Schizophrenia Brings Joe Arapio Types Out Of The Woodwork-

Washington's own schizophrenic policies and treatment of illegal immigration bring types like Joe out of the woodwork.

It allows for the abuse of people under the color of immigration law:

Washington Profiteers: Oh hungry people of Mexico, thou shall not cross our border, BUT we just love how hard you work for such cheap wages! Since enough of you made it through again will give you Registered Provisional Immigrant status. Sorry, we can't give you "green cards" right away because that looks to much like Reagan's Amnesty. So we will just have to work you for a good decade or so more before we might consider if the "triggers" allow you to be permanent residents or citizens.

 Mexican Profiteers: Oh hungry people of Mexico, please go North and keep those billions in annual remittances coming back into our economy! We will make sure that our poverty rate remains so high that millions more of you will be following soon.

The above is what needs to be reformed with the current Washington immigration "reform" de jour.

Fix this, otherwise you guys are going to run out of euphemisms: Immigration Reform and Control Act, AKA amnesty, AKA Family Unification, AKA Dream Act, AKA Deferred Action, AKA Temporary Protective Status, AKA Immigration Modernization Act, AKA Immigration Reform, AKA raping undocumented people for more cheap labor/ Latino votes while raping US taxpayers for "border security" insecurity taxes ad infinitum.

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