Sunday, May 26, 2013

Immigration Reform Remains A Hideous Lie

In response:
This article at least gives me some hope that maybe someone in Washington will not go along with this Gang (Bang) of 8's rubber stamping  "immigration reform" down the taxpayer's throats.

What a convoluted, complicated, insidious scam which simultaneously screws US taxpayers and the undocumented too. 

But wait - John "Operation Streamline" McCain pushing for immigration reform?  Is the not the same Arizona Senator who helped ramrod groups of 80 to 100 undocumented people through Arizona Federal courts right into the awaiting hands of his crony "Corrections Department of America's" privatized immigration prisons?   We the people pay $100 to $125 a night for CCA's and McCain's hotel guests?

How can anyone agree to pumping more money into their "secure the border" hoax when anyone with common sense knows you can't effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into the US?

Yet Mexico (which provides us with over 50% of our undocumented) and the US share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?  And Harvard University recently grants ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leader's fellowship despite 100,000 people killed in his failed, US backed Mexican drug war?  

Have these people lost their minds?

Then these corporatists spend hundreds of hours dreaming up yet another layered class of pseudo- slave immigrants called RPI's?  "Let's work these people for a good decade before we even consider giving them green cards and eventual citizenship.  If fact, let's make their citizenship dependent upon some hocus-pocus triggers that will first ensure billions more tax-dollars pumped again into our border security industries before these (illegal aliens as McCain insists on calling them) RPI's get anything."

This immigration reform is all about profit over people;  profit from ripping off the undocumented for their cheap labor and US citizens for their tax dollars. 

They take our tax dollars promising to fix illegal immigration while simultaneously rewarding people for  evading the laws of that system .  Meanwhile, the Mexican elite will continue to export their poor for profit while the US elite imports those poor for profit.     
Until this atrocity is addressed, reform remains a hideous lie.     




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