Thursday, May 2, 2013

Both Sides Immigration Mad - Do They Understand Why?

The undocumented, the documented, and US citizens are all angry about illegal immigration and immigration reform - and rightly so.

Do they really understand who and what is the root cause of their combined anger?  Are they able to see the root cause  despite their anger?  Are they perhaps willing to unite with the "other side" to defeat this root cause?     

The Mexican undocumented are the best example to study:  they are our direct neighbors and make up over 50% of all of the undocumented in the US.

The greed of the bi-national elite (US/Mexico) causes the poverty and "for profit"  politics that simultaneously pushes  and pulls them into the US.  They are used primarily for their labor in the US and their remittances sent back home.  They also suffer family separation and loss of life as they cross our border.

US taxpayers are used in this process too.  Their taxes go to fatten the pockets of the US elite's border security industrial complex.  Billions are spent on all of the enforcement  budgets and equipment that are touted as necessary to "secure" the border.  They also suffer from jobs lost, over -crowded emergency and school rooms,   and the quality of their home town lives being destroyed as the number of undocumented increase in our country.  

So we have the citizens of two countries being used by the elite of two countries.  The US elite's politicians will all of us believe that immigration reform - the legalization of 11 million undocumented balanced with billions spend for more agents and drones on the border - will solve the problem.

This is a lie.  This is the juicy carrot that our profiteering politicians dangle to both sides of the argument.  Hungry people cannot be stopped from crossing our borders.  In fact the two major immigration reform programs of the last three decades (Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA) actually increased the number of undocumented in the US from some 3 million to the 11 or 12 million it is today.

Figure this out folks before we let them pass another boondoggle that will not solve the problem.

My solution:  educate ourselves and unite.  Do you have any idea of the bi-national power our two sides could peacefully exert against the tyranny of the bi-national elite?  Imagine a border wide, bi-national protest.  Imagine shutting the border down until our two governments come to their senses.

Imagine the good people of Mexico having equivalent US wages and services at home.  Imagine them not having to leave their families to sneak into the US to survive.  Imagine a reduction of over 50% of  undocumented people crossing our border and living illegally in our towns.  Imagine a work visa program that benefitted the citizens of both countries.  Imagine stopping the insidious, failed, US backed  war on drugs in Mexico. 

This can all happen if we understand and face the root cause of illegal immigration and failed immigration reform.    

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