Sunday, May 5, 2013

Send The American Ignorant The Bills

In response:

I wonder if the posters who make disparaging comments really understand how their own ignorance actually supports the elites' (or the 1%'s) insidious agenda that keeps the undocumented coming to the US?

The root cause of undocumented Latin Americans sneaking into the US is not only the systemic socioeconomic greed of the US elite, but the systemic socioeconomic greed of the undocumented's home country elite too. These groups work together to profit off of undocumented labor and send you the American ignorant the bills.

These hateful posters know that they are being used in this insidious plot yet they just can't seem to connect the dots to know who is actually using them or how. So they take the easiest most predictable route and blame the undocumented.

That is kind of like blaming climate change on forest fires.

The elite profit off of your ignorance. Read up about how the largest influx of undocumented came after Clinton's NAFTA (which by the way was sold t us as the answer to illegal immigration). Wal-Mart and US corn in Mexico ruined many small farmers and business owners. Guess where they went and are still going?

Read up about the cold war and the forty year long drug war in Latin America. See how Uncle Sam pushed US economic policies while turning a blind eye to the murderous juntas, death squads, and coups that our government knowingly supported.  Read Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine (The Rise of Disaster Capitalism)"

Fast forward to the current failed Mexican Drug War started by Mexican President Calderon in 2006. 100,000 people have been killed and 25,000 are missing.

And how does the US reward there little Mexican drug war CEO conspirator?  How about a lucrative year's long fellowship at none other than Harvard.

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