Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tell The People of San Jacinto, CA About Immigration Reform

In response:

Go to the town of San Jacinto CA and ask long time residents what they think about immigration reform. San Jacinto is located in Riverside County just about 1.5 hours north of the San Diego border. It is unrecognizable because of the shift in the demographics after NAFTA was passed in the mid-1990's. If one did not know differently, one would think that they were in a border town.

Tell those long time residents of San Jacinto how this newest 2013 immigration reform is going to bring back the town that they once knew. Convince those residents that this reform will really stop illegal immigration (just like they were promised during the run-ups to Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA).

The cause of Mexican illegal immigration is poverty in Mexico. Our US President Clinton pushed for NAFTA which caused the single largest influx of undocumented into the US ever (from 3 million to the 11 million it is now).   If the experts are right today, the amount of undocumented from Mexico in the US today makes up more than 50% of the overall total.   

So you can post all of the studies that boast how wonderful 2013 immigration reform will be for us all. Just don't go to San Jacinto CA and tell the them that line of baloney. They have heard Washington's immigration lies before and are still suffering the consequences of the last two immigration "reforms" that not only worsened their poverty but worsened the poverty in Mexico too.

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