Tuesday, May 7, 2013

J for Justice?

In response:

Let's see: J: Justice: "The anchor of our democracy that should be the core principle of any immigration reform legislation or amendment."

What about justice for the American taxpayers who have to deal with the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, schools rooms, losses of jobs, and the unfair and unwanted changes in their home-town demographics that your previously failed immigration "reform" has created?

What about justice for American citizens who have become just as much pawns in your immigration for profit reform game as the undocumented are?

Yes - those taxpayers who bear the brunt of the costs and consequences of your decades of failed immigration policies and so called "reform".

What about justice for the Mexican undocumented who are "exported" by the rich of their own country to do "imported" by the rich of the US for slave labor?

What about justice for the undocumented who are robbed or die crossing our border because of your economic policies that only you and your Mexican conies benefit from?

Don't the Mexican undocumented have the right to work safely at home with their families and receive comparable US wages and services?

How about justice for the good citizens of both sides of the border because bi-national politicians refuse to address the corrupt Mexican government's part in pushing their own citizens across the border in order to create our immigration nightmare?

How about justice for the families of the 100,000 people killed (including US citizens and agents) in the failed US backed drug war in Mexico?

How about justice for all of the people who suffered because of Felipe Calderon's senseless US backed Mexican drug war that also left 25,000 missing and 240,000 people displaced? How about justice for all people who see Harvard University pamper this tyrant (Calderon) with a fellowship despite his legacy of drug war corruption and drug war blood in Mexico?

What about justice for all of the US and Mexican citizens who lost jobs and their small businesses as a result Clinton's NAFTA?

We know what you are doing Washington and Los Pinos (Mexico's version of our White House). You rape and abuse your poor for profit by pushing them off to the US where they and US taxpayers are in turn raped and abused for your profit. You take zero responsibility for this Mexican Merry-Go-Round that you have created. You then pray on the good will of American citizens to trust that your reform will finally put an end to these atrocities.

Meanwhile you enjoy the benefits of 1.25 billion dollars in cross border trade as your oil and goods are exchanged and transported through the militarized border maze that you have insidiously created.

We - the good people on both sides of the border - are waking up. Someday by God we will put an end to your immigration reform lies and you bi-national profiteering madness.

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