Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Immigration Reform - Raping People for Labor and Tax-Dollars

John A Randolph a few seconds ago                                                                            

"Americans are willing to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country, but only “if they’re not a public charge,” Diaz-Balart said.

Mario my man, who died and left you in charge? Maybe you and your Washington "immigration reform for profit" cronies are willing - I am not.

The US and Mexican elite not only cause but profit from Mexican poverty that causes Mexican illegal immigration (over 50% of our undocumented in the US) that causes US taxpayers to fund your "immigration reform" recurring nightmare.

This scam is about raping the good people of both countries for their labor and tax-dollars.

Why don't you of the bi-national 1% give up some of that 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade and give the good people of Mexico equivalent US wages, services, and drug-war safety so that they can live, work and prosper at home with their families?

That in turn will give the good people of the US more jobs and the demographic quality of life that has been stolen from them by your previous "immigration reforms" and NAFTA.

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