Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Come On Joe (Biden)

In response:

Come on Joe - immigration reform is about creating dignity and respect from Latin America? Yet NAFTA and CAFTA fatten their elite's wallets at the expense of their undocumented who are pushed here resulting in US taxpayer's suffering those costs and consequences?

Respect from Latin America after US supported coups, death squads, juntas, and drug wars that have terrorized these people for decades? Check out Jack Lemon in the 1988 movie "Missing" for a sobering look at why many Latin American's hate us, or read Naomi Klein's book "The Shock Doctrine".   

Seriously - respect and dignity from the families over 100,000 people killed in Mexico as a result of Felipe Calderon's 2006 US backed war on drugs?

To add insult to injury, Harvard University just this year granted Calderon the First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award granting Calderon one full year of lucrative speaking engagements at US Universities.

Please stop treating all Americans like we (and they) are idiots.

US immigration reform is about creating and profiting from economic conditions in the Latin American undocumented's home-countries (NAFTA/CAFTA) that push their laborers here to be used for your cronies' profits. Then you guys use the flip side of the reform coin for billions
more in border security pork for more of your corporate supporters.

This immigration reform scam is very similar to the smoke and mirrors behind the War in Iraq and the mortgage banker meltdown of the Great Recession of 2008.

The first step in fixing this mess is for you guys to fess up to the truth.

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