Saturday, May 25, 2013

Questions The Gang of 8 Won't Discuss

Do you want to know why there is so much anger, heartache and confusion centered around immigration reform, especially illegal immigration reform? Here are a several questions that may reveal why:

1. Would the Mexican undocumented (over 50% of the US undocumented) come or stay in the US if they could have equivalent US wages and services working at home with their families in Mexico?

2. Why do we pay US Border Patrol Agents to chase people around at night like animals when many of those same people are Mexican undocumented workers coming to harvest fruits and vegetables for our tables?

3. Are the bi-national governments (US/Mexico) more concerned with bi-national trade, Mexican oil, US investments in Mexico, remittances, drug profits, NAFTA, and cheap labor than they are the safety and welfare of their own bi-national citizens?

4. Why did the largest influx of Mexican undocumented occur after the passage of Clinton's NAFTA during the mid-1990's?

5. Why is the disparity in wealth and poverty in Mexico worse now than it has ever been?

6. Why does Washington seldom if ever discuss Mexican poverty as the major cause of Mexican undocumented coming to the US? 

7. Why does Harvard University award ex Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leaders Fellowship when Calderon's 2006 drug war policies left over 100,000 people dead in Mexico?

8. Why are the above topics either not talked about, glossed over, or simply taboo during this Gang of 8's immigration reform hearings? 

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