Friday, May 17, 2013

Washington's Bag of Immigration Propaganda

In response: 

E Verify and "border security" are just two insidious fallacies within Washington's bag of immigration propaganda.  

I am not saying that either wouldn't work.  They would.  Yet these double-talkers will never allow any version of E Verify to be so effective that it cuts their undocumented Mexican labor flow.  Nor will they make the border so "secure" that it disrupts their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.

Their smooth talking rhetoric may give some hope.  Yet immigration reform is all about their profit while having little or nothing to do with hope.    

Consider immigration enforcement and drug enforcement as two sides of the same coin.  Our one trillion dollar drug war started over 40 years ago.   Yet today's illegal drugs are more powerful and more potent than ever.  Consider their over-flowing privatized prisons as part of that scam too. 

On the immigration side is Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA.  Both promised to end illegal immigration.  Curiously both caused the our undocumented population to soar from 3 million in the mid-1990's to the 11 million that we have today.

Only a fool would believe the "Gang of 8's" immigration reform nonsense that they are pushing today.  It is (as it has always been) about simultaneously profiting off of illegal laborers and US taxpayers while selling both groups on their illusions of security and prosperity for all.   

Kill their bill until these profiteers starting telling the truth.

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