Thursday, May 30, 2013

Immigration Reform: Stop The Bleeding By Blaming The Blood

American taxpayers are on the emergency room operating table.   They are being bled to death from over twenty-five years of failed illegal immigration policies and enforcement.

Previous "Washington doctors" have tried 3 major unsuccessful "reform" surgeries:  Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS.  None have effectively curtailed illegal immigration as they promised or (considering the costs) should have.

Now the "Gang of 8" is going to do another immigration "surgery" in an attempt to "reform" Washington's past three failures.   They are doing so by tweaking the same failed border security/legalization strategies while increasing the taxpayers'  border security costs by billions.     

In the case of NAFTA and Mexico, Washington's own economic policies actually pushed the largest influx of  Mexico's undocumented here ever.

So tell me why we should trust this current regurgitated plan?  You guys are trying to stop the bleeding by blaming the blood.  It's the blood's (undocumented's ) fault.  So pile on the bandages and clamps - we will stop all that blood from bleeding through this time.       

Earth to Gang of 8:  Mexican illegal immigration is caused by Mexican poverty -  not the Mexican undocumented.   Stop fostering Mexican poverty (NAFTA and 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade).  Negotiate with Pena Nieto and persuade Mexico to start taking care of its own citizens by providing equivalent US wages and services in Mexico .  If Mexico were to provide equivalent US wages for its own the undocumented from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras would not need to come all the way here for those same wages.

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