Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We The People Need To Draw Our Line In The (Immigration) Sand

In Response:

Mid-1980's - close to 3 million undocumented legalized under Reagan's Amnesty.

Today - Washington is pushing for the legalization of 11 or 12 million more undocumented.

The Reagan Administration drew the first line in the sand and gave the undocumented king's X's in exchange for billions of our tax dollars: beefed-up border security and interior enforcement budgets were pitched as the end of illegal immigration.

Today's leaders are drawing up their line and giving kings X's to some 11 million more undocumented: billions more are going towards today's outrageously priced border security and interior enforcement industrial complexes.

The drones and militarized lines the bi-national elite draw in the sand will not stop hungry people from finding their way into the US.

Our leaders have always refused to address the disparity in wealth and poverty in Mexico as the cause of over 50% of our problems with the Mexican undocumented.

If they were to discuss it they would have to admit that their own crony US corporations have always profited off of Mexican illegal immigration.

We the people need to organize and draw a final line in the sand. We are being used as pawns just as are the undocumented.

The Mexican undocumented should be allowed to stay and work at home (with their families) and have equivalent US wages and services at home in Mexico.

US taxpayers should not have to lose jobs to the Mexican undocumented nor pay for the educational, medical, and enforcement costs attributed to the undocumented.

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