Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Representatives Need Reforming, Not Immigration

In response: 

From the above article: "Under a tentative deal reached Thursday, immigrants who are in the United States illegally would need to buy their own insurance, and if they accept government subsidized care, they’re out of the country. Republicans agreed to exempt emergency care."
Please tell me who is going to suddenly swoop down and take them out of the country?
Also, "Republicans agreed to exempt emergency care". Sweet.
I would love to see any of these elite representatives of ours take their 98 year old parents to an emergency room in Sacramento, CA. I would love to see any of them stand in line and wait for 4 or more hours while 50 to 60 undocumented people and people with obvious mental problems have to wait too.

Many of them have to wait outside because there is not enough seating in the emergency room waiting room for them to be able to sit down.
I am afraid that these so-called representatives of ours are either clueless, great liars, or simply don't care.
They are what needs reforming, not immigration.

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