Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scrap The Reform Process And Start From The Truth

In response:

They act like a bunch of vultures picking at the carcasses of the poor and starving. 
They need to smack down their deformed (morally perverted; warped) attempts at immigration "reform" and admit the truth: someone is simultaneously profiting from the undocumented's labor, US taxpayer's "border security" monies, and Mexican trade/oil/investments.

Their self inflicted reform fire-storm is designed as a smoke-screen for the above.

Good people on both sides of the border are being played as bi-national pawns of their insidious plan: no one (US taxpayers or the undocumented) should accept this for the few scraps they might offer.

Scrap the entire reform process and start from the truth: the bi-national elite profit by pushing and pulling Mexico's undocumented here while US taxpayers suffer their costs and consequences.

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