Friday, May 24, 2013

The Media's Propaganization of Immigration Reform

The way the media propagandizes immigration reform you would think there are no downsides to it.

They of course only tell one side of the story.

Why doesn't one new agency go talk to longtime residents of San Jacinto, CA, located 1.5 hours away from the Tijuana border? After NAFTA was ramrodded through in the mid-1990's, San Jac was flooded by primarily undocumented people from Mexico.

How do I know that they are undocumented? Let's just say it is an educated guess. I was a border patrol/INS/ICE agent for 26 years.

NAFTA coupled with the Great Mortgage Meltdown/Recession of 2008 (another preventable Government failure for the 1%'s profit ) turned San Jacinto into a border town that is unrecognizable from what it used to be.

I don't blame the undocumented. I blame two corporatist governments who screw not only the undocumented, but US taxpayers too.

I blame the media today who is hell bent on reform and telling the problems of the undocumented, but who throw the people of towns like San Jacinto under their immigration reform bus because they do not matter. And that is why Americans are so angry.

Tell me how our governments failed immigration policies (which this reform joke will turn out to be) helps long-time citizen taxpayers of San Jacinto, CA?

You can't, because it is to late. The only thing that would save them is for Mexico to start taking care of its own people, and we know there is no reason for them to do that.

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