Wednesday, July 31, 2013

USS Titanic America's Course Could Be Corrected

These puppets of the elite just hate it when their dirty, murderous lies are leaked and the true enemies of the people are exposed.

Manning has more courage and integrity than 99% of our so called leaders in Washington or within the US military industrial complex.

Meanwhile many ignorant American exceptionalists will take pleasure in the ruination of this young man's life.

Americans could correct the course of the USS Titanic America if they would use the brains that their creator installed within those thick skulls of theirs.

Pogo we have met the enemy.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Have Met The Immigration Enemy Pogo

In response:

Washington creates this self-serving, illegal immigration mess via NAFTA and Amnesty and now shoots itself in the foot pretending to "try" and straighten it out.

Meanwhile, 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border US/Mexican trade fattens someone's (other than the bi-national middle-classes') pockets.

Arms and money freely flow south, drugs and people north while US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of this tragic Mexican love affair.

Oh don't forget ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon lucratively walking the halls of Harvard for the part he played in this bi-national nightmare.

We have met the immigration enemy Pogo.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

US Immigration Reform: Survival of the Fittest/Poverty Hunger Games

In response:

This is some kind of twisted "survival of the fittest/poverty hunger games" concoction at work. 

The US and Mexican elite use NAFTA and their continuing drug war to help push the Mexican undocumented here exchanging labor for remittances.  Only the fittest will make it through;  those caught will be criminalized and sentenced to CCA prisons.  Those who make it through will wait for the next amnesty.

The 11.2 million already here will be given 13 years of labor peonage in exchange for a shot at legalization and citizenship.  If the border security measures are not met or they the undocumented don't meet the income thresholds embedded in this bill, they too will get "go directly to CCA jail" cards too.

Of course US taxpayers will pay the continuingly increasing costs for "border security" enhancements, prisons, losses of jobs, over-crowded emergency/school rooms, and unfair changes in home-town demographics.

The only thing comprehensive about this bill is the incomprehensible ways it screws not only the undocumented, but US taxpayers too. 

This immigration reform "can" needs to be crushed on the spot until we can get all governments involved to address their self- serving poverty that fuels illegal immigration.

The Institutionalization of US Illegal Immigration Via US Immigration "Reform"

In response:

How to best capitalize on legalizing 11.2 undocumented laborers and selling US taxpayers on billions more for "border security"?

Good luck chump! We have gone to sleep on the institutionalization of your 40 year long drug war, but we have not with your continuing illegal immigration/amnesty/rape of taxpayer for profit "reform" scam.

You expect us to forget what Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA did!

You think that we don't know what "immigration reform" is really about!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Insulting American Immigration Exceptionalism

In response:

Two conspiring self-serving governments with an imaginary line and corresponding immoral immigration laws which cut people's lives in half. 

Mexico's elite economically rape their own poor then export them north for billions in annual remittances pumped back into their country.  This illegal immigration for profit conspiracy of the bi-national elite gives the US faction a never ending supply of undocumented laborers, political amnesties, and vampiric "border security" industries that are designed to drain ever increasing amounts of tax payer dollars but not to solve the problem of people sneaking across our borders.

All concerned know that there is something very wrong with US immigration policies yet any hope of beneficial solutions stop there.

In all of the years that I worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I never once felt that any Washington administration (Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama) was serious about stopping illegal immigration.  Keeping an eye on it yes, but stopping it, no.  Despite all of their rhetoric, cheap labor drives the semi-effectiveness of the US Border Patrol, past and present.

What continues to amaze me is the fact that the majority of Americans do not see this underlying  scam that insidiously makes them just as much pawns in this bi-national 1% 's illegal immigration game as the undocumented are.

I hope you find my words insulting because I find your American exceptionalist ignorance insulting as well. 

You are co-conspirators with those who are destroying America.  Illegal immigration is just one example of that.  Its real cause is poverty that the 1% in the US globally co-create in order to ensure a never ending supply of expendable human laborers. 

Those laborers are expendable just as the immigration system you ignorantly support makes you.

Listed below are articles that should help awaken you. Read and consider at your own risk.  The truth about our own government can be very hard to swallow.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

American Exceptionalists - Immigration Raped By Their Own Hands

In response:

Here go the American exceptionalist posters ripping this kid apart because she dares to challenge their black and white American thinking.

"How dare those illegals break the law and question the USA! Deport them all and case solved".

These American exceptionalist posters are co-conspirators in crimes committed against their own selves (as this young lady is not) and who do they blame?

You people do not have enough sense to know that you are just as much victims, pawns and responsible in this illegal immigration scam as the undocumented are. Yet who do you blame?

The entire illegal immigration system has been created to make profit off of cheap labor and your taxes sucked into their "border security" black hole hoax. Yet who do you blame?

You are being used and you don't even know how. Just like the American 40 year long war on drugs.

Immigration Reform: Co-conspirators In The Crimes Committed Against Me, You and The Undocumented

In response:

Illegal immigration continues because the primary victims (the undocumented and US taxpayers) are co-conspirators in the crimes committed against their very owns selves.

The undocumented let this cycle continue by letting their home country elite use said elite's increasing greed for wealth (disparity of wealth AKA poverty) to push them illegally into the US.  As a result the undocumented are uprooted from their families and countries, and suffer death and abuse on their journeys to the US.  

US taxpayers (USTP) let this cycle of abuse continue by letting their home country elite distribute their tax dollars to a border security industry which profits by not solving the problem.  Those taxpayers also suffer all of the US costs and consequences of illegal immigration:  over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, escalating costs for both, job losses and unfair changes to home-town demographics.

Of course we know who simultaneously profits from undocumented labor and the amnesties used to ensure that their profit-above-human-life cycle continues.   

Both the undocumented and USTP let the elite (who run Washington) repeat the above cycle by believing said elite's lies and accepting their current amnesty du jour crumbs tossed to them as a solution.

Today's Washington solution sentences 11.2 million undocumented to 13 years of labor peonage for a shot at US citizenship.  Have you read the income requirement that those 11.2 undocumented must achieve to qualify for a green card (100% of the federal poverty line for RPI renewal and 125% for LPR adjustment?  How will a single parent achieve that?

Clinton's NAFTA which enriches the US/Mexican elite is the primary reason that the Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers are doing this amnesty rehash dance today.

We The People and you the American Undocumented need to stop this insanity together.  We do that by not selling our taxpaying and laboring souls to their convoluted "Immigration reform" scam.

Don't approve of it.  Don't participate in it.  Join together for a massive peaceful demonstration on the US Mexican border.  Shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Expose their bi-national hypocrisy to the world.  Shake both governments to their cores. 

Make them address the Mexican poverty that drives 62% of America's undocumented population.

Immigration Reform: Refrain From Enabling The System

Please read this article by Phil Rockstroph and extrapolate its core to Immigration Reform.
Phil Rockstroh
Eighty-Three Democrats Voted to Support the Obama Administration's position supporting the NSA's mass surveillance of American citizens. The operatives of the system of U.S. political duopoly possess as much regard for safeguarding the right of privacy and of the due process of law than they do in maintaining a functional democratic republic. In short, none whatsoever. The present political class could give a rodent's rectum about the general welfare of the citizenry. Now, insofar as the agendas and caprice of the (misnomer known as) corporate citizenry…that is where their devotion and ardor lies.
At this point, the belief that we,... as a people, can alter the oligarchic/militarist state by means of voting should be regarded as a destructive fantasy…should be apprehended as willful ignorance or toxic innocence. The situation in the U.S. has degraded to the point that a subversion of the present order by means of a refusal to participate in the sham is called for. Refrain from enabling the system: refuse to vote, unless and until, there arrives a viable option…which is a development that is far from likely to transpire. Instead, withhold your support and allegiance to any and all members of the political class.
Remember, by participation in the sham elections of the faux republic, a great many crackpot optimists and noxiously naive souls enabled the despicable reign of Obama, who has served as a normalizer of and has surpassed the undemocratic, anti-constitutional excesses of the Bush/Cheney years.
Bring an end to an era of denial and complicity. The time for mass refusal and re-visioning is upon us. The political elite of this decaying empire do not, in any manner, harbor any inclination to serve the needs of the general population. Thus, why should we, in turn, grant them any deference.
Pack the bags of these self-centered shitheels, place their belongings on the street, and change the locks to your heart. They have no respect for your dignity. If they did, they would respect your right to privacy. Instead, time after time, they have revealed to us their feelings on the matter. By granting them any more chances, you are no longer a victim, but a co-conspirator in the crimes committed against you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Selling of US Taxpayers' and The Undocumenteds' Souls

In response:

Laughable? You want laughable?

Just look at how many Americans may again willingly sacrifice their "border security" tax paying souls and how many undocumented workers will gladly sacrifice their "Peonage for Citizenship" laboring souls all for the imaginary hope of satisfying the raging, self-serving, corporatized Washington reform beasts.

Sometimes it is easier to laugh then to cry.

Immigration Reform: Hey Pogo - Kind of Nuts, No?

In response:

The Divided and Conquered Enemy
Washingtonians create and then parley poverty into immigration profit while US victim taxpayers attack one or the other hand of the ruling oligarchy, each other, the undocumented, anyone or anything except the very profiteering oligarchy who those same US taxpayers put into office.

Hey Pogo - kind of nuts, no?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Immigration Reform: An Insane System of Imported Peonage

In response:

Bravo!  Adelante Muchachos!

I have to give you kids tons of credit for pushing an insane system in order to make a point.  How many Americans have the courage to do that?

You could have attempted to enter illegally like your parents most likely did and of course the other hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and Central Americans who have done so previously.

You kids are pushing Washington's self-serving immigration rules and policies in order to expose the absolute hypocrisy of their decades-old system of imported peonage.  

God doesn't Washington just hate it when people like these kids, or the Snowden's, Manning's and Assange's of this world refuse to play by the rules?  And have no doubt - all will all be symbolically "burned at the stake" for their "treasonous heresy and witchcraft".     

Why shouldn't "Dreamers" whose parents illegally brought them here to begin with be allowed to visit family in Mexico and return without being held in custody?  

Notice how people will take this example of what these kids did and angrily start the witch hunt.   "Deport their criminal parents for bringing them here".  "It's the Border Patrol's fault for not doing their job to begin with."  "It's Washington's fault for not enforcing the laws on the books to begin with".  "Impeach Obama for giving these kids deferred action."

Most Americans are afraid to embrace the truth of how their own government profits from illegal immigration.  It is about the profitization of cheap labor and the use of your tax dollars to enrich their crony industries who are insidiously created to "fight" but never "win" the battle. 

Here is their designed cycle of shame:  create home-country poverty which creates illegal immigration which creates cheap labor and bogus border security/profits which creates amnesties which creates illegal immigration ad infinitum.       

Do you have any idea of what Clinton's 1994 NAFTA did to the Mexican poor and US taxpayers?

This immigration battle is no different than their "war on drugs" or their "war on terrorism".  All three are have been designed to be never-ending money makers/tax dollar takers.

If you had to admit the ugly illegal immigration truth, you would also have to also admit that you have been insidiously used as pawns - just as the undocumented have been. 

That does not set well with what our indoctrination to always believe the best about our country.  It shakes us at our core.  There ain't no Santa Claus and our government is one of self-serving lies.  

What will it take to shake these American Citizen "dreamers" out of their exceptionalist stupor and take the country back for "We the People?

How about 11.2 million US undocumented and the countless number of deported undocumented plus all human rights supporters peacefully showing up on both sides of the border to do what these kids did?



Monday, July 22, 2013

Immigration Reform: Conflicting Promises to the Undocumented and US Taxpayers

Washington's role in the profitization of illegal immigration.

In response:

Illegal immigration into the US is big business:  remittances pumped back home in exchange for a never ending supply of cheap, expendable, corporate laborers. 

One could say that the undocumented are also keeping America's border security industries employed - even during our "sequestration". 

Those of us who have been around for a while know that all the costs and consequences of illegal immigration go to the American taxpayers;  the costs to the undocumented most of us do not understand:  discarded by their own government and held in labor peonage by another. 

Note for a future writing:  is there really any difference between the discarded undocumented and the discarded US taxpayers?       

Conflicting promises - those dangled in front of the undocumented and those dangled in front of US taxpayers.  Washington promises to legalize some 11.2 million people.  Washington promises that another 38 billion dollars in taxpayer's monies and the doubling in size of the border patrol will effectively bring this nightmare to an end.

Simply put as a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent - I don't believe them.  I never for once believed as a working border patrol agent that Washington was serious about stopping illegal immigration.  Do you know that on Sundays around  5:00 PM they used to (and maybe still do) regularly shut down the US Border Patrol Checkpoint on I-5 at San Clemente, CA because of public complaints about the northbound weekend traffic build up?  Guess when all the "loads" of people and drugs would jump on the I-5 freeway going north? 

Fraud was rampant during Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.  Washington and its US Immigration and Naturalization Service knew this, yet it was more politically important to them for Amnesty to appear successful than to tell the truth of the fraud, so they rubber stamped them through.

No wonder the Gang of 8 steers clear of the "A" word.  
Why were we being paid to chase like animals many of the same people who were coming to work for US agriculture corporations in order to harvest  crops to put on  American tables?

I could go on and on.  Let me leave you with just two examples of how Washington creates and profits from  the problems that "We the People" suffer the costs and consequences of:   

1.  Clinton's NAFTA pushed more undocumented into the US than ever before.

2.  America's  one trillion dollar, 40 year long "War on Drugs" has become institutionalized.  The US has supported Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006 War on Drugs in Mexico which has left some 100,000 people killed, 250,000 displaced, and 25,000 missing. 

How has Harvard University rewarded ex-Mexican (NAFTA/Drug War ) President Calderon for his "economic achievements"?  How about the Bill Clinton supported "First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and Harvard Fellowship?

If you have the stomach for it - connect the Washington - Mexico dots concerning illegal immigration an illegal drugs.   Then act.  We need to educate ourselves as to what "immigration reform" is really about.   Washington's attempts at immigration reform need to be shut down until they start telling us the truth.

Finally, here is a link to my petition to Harvard to end Calderon's fellowship.





Immigration Reform: A Must Read

The Republic | azcentral.comSat Jul 20, 2013 10:17 PM
AGUA PRIETA, Sonora - Three times in the past month, Paloma Flores Lopez has been caught by the Border Patrol crossing into the U.S. illegally. She’s spent $8,000 on “coyotes,” or guides, to take her across. Now Flores, 26, has to decide: Will she try again?
She knows the dangers. But she says she sees a chance for a better life in the United States that she doesn’t see in Michoacan, where she’s from, or in Tijuana, where she lived briefly before trying to cross in Agua Prieta, where an 18-foot-tall steel fence looms between Mexico and Douglas, Ariz.
So, said Flores, flipping her pony tail, “I have to try.”
As Congress weighs whether to pin immigration reform on reaching a threshold of border security, the measure most often cited would call on the Department of Homeland Security to stop 90 percent of illegal border crossings. Doing that means figuring out how to persuade people like Flores not to try again and stopping others headed for el norte from slipping over the border.
That, in turn, hinges on solid answers to such questions as: How many people actually get through? Where do they get across? When they’re caught, do they give up or keep trying until they make it?
Homeland Security officials don’t fully know the answers to those questions. And the reason, say leading migration researchers, is that DHS officials don’t want to know, and don’t want the public to know, either.
“There is zero interest in that kind of analysis among DHS’ leadership,” said economist Bryan Roberts, who served as the agency’s assistant director of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation until 2010. “There was no interest when I was there, and there still isn’t any.”
Among the kinds of findings outside researchers are seeing that they say the DHS ought to be examining are:
Three-quarters or more of migrants who set out to cross make it. Even when they’re caught, detained for days or weeks, or deported hundreds of miles from where they crossed, most simply keep trying until they succeed.
Tough “consequence” programs, imposing more and tougher criminal penalties on crossers, are very expensive and don’t seem to be an effective deterrent.
The billions of dollars spent on fences, thousands more agents, and high-tech surveillance have pushed migrants into more remote regions, driving up the number who die each year. But when it comes to stopping migrants or getting them not to try, the fences and agents pale compared with factors such as how the U.S. economy is doing, or how scared migrants are of the drug cartels in northern Mexico.
Over the past four years, more undocumented migrants have left the United States than have entered.
Roberts and several other researchers said that the DHS doesn’t have the answers because it doesn’t jointly analyze data from the Border Patrol, which works between ports of entry; Customs and Border Protection, which works at ports of entry; and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, which works across the interior of the country.
Not looking at the big picture makes it harder for the DHS to figure out whether, say, to build more fences or focus on interior enforcement, the researchers said. And there’s little pressure on the DHS to work with outside experts or better analyze its data to figure out what has worked and what hasn’t.
In response to written queries from The Republic, DHS spokesman Peter Boogaard issued a statement last week that “DHS measures success utilizing many metrics, each of which paints a different portion of the overall border security picture and each of which informs tactical decision making.”
Boogaard noted that the Obama administration has made “significant investments in border security” and that “dozens of metrics we use every day clearly demonstrate significant progress and improved quality of life at the border.” Boogaard would not address any specific questions.
Controversial findings
It is clear that the past seven years have seen an unprecedented investment in border security, topping $106 billion. There’s also no dispute that apprehensions, often seen as a rough proxy for crossings, have fallen by 66 percent since 2006. And the Border Patrol, its parent agency Customs and Border Protection and the department they’re part of, Homeland Security, gather reams of data on migrants they apprehend or spot. But researchers say that the DHS and its agencies seem to take a don’t-ask, don’t-tell approach to data that might lead to politically troublesome conclusions.
The immigration bill passed last month by the Senate, now languishing as the House weighs its own measures, would evaluate border security using an “effectiveness rate” based on data that the DHS and its agencies won’t release to the public. The bill would provide more than $46 billion and nearly double the size of the Border Patrol by adding 19,200 agents along the Mexico border over the next eight years, to help the agency reach a 90 percent effectiveness rate.
That rate is meant to show how effectively the Border Patrol prevents illegal crossings. To estimate the number of illegal crossings, the Border Patrol adds up three figures: apprehensions; “turn-backs” (people spotted starting to cross who turned back to avoid getting caught); and “got-aways” (people detected by agents or surveillance equipment but not caught). A 90 percent effectiveness rate means nine apprehensions and turn-backs for each got-away.
The Border Patrol doesn’t release information on turn-backs or got-aways to the public, just apprehensions; and it admits that the effectiveness rate is a flawed yardstick. Among other gaps, it can’t account for crossers whom agents don’t see. And because the Border Patrol works between ports of entry, its rate doesn’t include those who cross illegally at ports of entry, either hidden in vehicles or using false documents.
The Government Accountability Office, in a report last December, published previously unreleased data showing that the Border Patrol’s effectiveness rate for fiscal 2011 was 84 percent. By that yardstick, getting to 90 percent isn’t a huge stretch, noted former DHS official Roberts.
The Border Patrol hasn’t released turn-back or got-away data for fiscal 2012, and hadn’t responded by deadline to The Republic’s request for that information.
Outside researchers say efforts to come up with a better approach to accounting for undocumented migration run smack into Homeland Security’s unwillingness to let academics analyze its data.
Last year, for example, a panel of leading statisticians, economists and demographers at the National Academy of Sciences conducted a study on illegal immigration at the request of Homeland Security. But the DHS refused to provide the panel key apprehension data, such as coded fingerprint figures that would identify precise numbers of repeat crossers. The DHS had demanded that researchers promise not to disclose that data to the public. Panel members said keeping the information classified would impair the quality of their work; they declined, and didn’t get the data.
That study, which included data from Mexican governmental sources and previous U.S. academic studies, suggested that about three-quarters of those who decide to cross keep trying until they make it. Other outside studies have found 85 or even 90 percent make it.
“Almost everybody who really tries eventually gets in,” said Jeffrey Passel, a member of the panel and a senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research organization in Washington, D.C., that studies the U.S. Hispanic population.
The National Academy of Sciences study essentially was ignored in presentations that the DHS gave to the Senate earlier this year during the immigration-reform debate, said the study’s panel members.
They said the DHS was not eager to draw attention to the study’s findings even though it paid for the report. “In a sense, it throws a monkey wrench into the discussions on immigration. I’m totally for immigration reform, but this report would make Republicans giddy and Democrats go, ‘Oh, crap,’ ” said Alicia Carriquiry, a professor of statistics at Iowa State University and a co-author of the study.
The massive buildup in border security may make some difference in reducing illegal immigration, the researchers said. For example, independent research suggests that many migrants who might have tried to cross in the past now look at the dangers and don’t set out in the first place. Those people don’t show up in Border Patrol or DHS data.
But Carriquiry and several other researchers said they’re frustrated that enormous decisions about future spending on border security are being made with little or no reference to research.
“The effectiveness rate is pretty deceptive,” Carriquiry said. “There is a lot of data one could use to get a much better idea of the probability of successful crossing, and those data are being held very close to the vest by DHS.”

Seemingly ignored
Researchers say similar data was ignored in the last go-round on immigration reform, in 2006 and 2007, when a bill passed the Senate but failed in the House. Instead, lawmakers ramped up border security: building fences, hiring thousands of new Border Patrol agents, and acquiring billions of dollars in new technology.
At that time, CBP asked the Homeland Security Institute, a federally funded research center, to study border-crossing recidivism and the likelihood of apprehending crossers. The study found that, from 2001 to 2005, when border security and the consequences imposed on crossers were both relatively slight, the likelihood of being apprehended on any crossing attempt was about 35 percent, according to sources familiar with the study. But to this day, that study, completed in 2007, remains classified as “law-enforcement sensitive.”
“The department doesn’t want to release it, and they have the final say,” said Joe Chang, the author of the report and a corporate fellow at what is now called the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute. Chang said he worked almost continuously on expanding and updating that study year after year; but all of that work remains classified, too.
It isn’t clear what impact, if any, that study had on the DHS’ border-security strategy during the buildup, which created 652 miles of fencing and pushed migrants into more remote and dangerous areas.
More than two years ago, the DHS promised Congress that it would create a new Border Conditions Index to measure more accurately the impact of the additional agents, fences and other infrastructure on a range of border-security issues. But in March, as the immigration-reform debate got under way, officials told Congress that they couldn’t report any progress on the index. At the time, DHS spokesman Boogaard said that declining apprehension numbers showed that “we’re heading in the right direction.”
Apprehensions have dropped dramatically in recent years, from more than 1 million in 2006 to fewer than 365,000 last year.
Meanwhile, since about 2008, at least as many undocumented immigrants have gone back to Mexico as have come north, said Passel, the demographer, for a net flow of zero.
Other researchers see a stronger flow south. Roberts estimates that, based on apprehension data and surveys of migrants in Mexico, between 250,000 and 270,000 undocumented migrants likely entered the United States last year. By comparison, Customs and Border Protection deported just under 410,000 people last fiscal year.
That balance likely will change, say some researchers, as the U.S. economy slowly recovers. So far this year, the Border Patrol has reported a 13 percent increase in apprehensions of illegal border crossers compared with a year ago, though numbers remain near historic lows. And that rise doesn’t necessarily mean overall crossings are up to a similar degree — because many apprehensions are repeats, the same person is being caught several times.
Out of 365,000 Border Patrol apprehensions last fiscal year, barely half, 183,000, were of people being apprehended for the first time, according to data obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the non-profit news organization Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, Calif. The rest were people caught at least for the second time, and 21,000 had been caught six or more times, the center said.
To discourage crossers, the Border Patrol uses what it calls consequence programs. These include more criminal prosecutions, tougher penalties, and moves to make it harder to come right back, by transporting those caught hundreds of miles either to another part of the border or back south to their hometowns in Mexico.
But the programs have proven expensive, and the prosecutions have clogged federal courts. Last year, immigration cases made up more than 40 percent of all federal prosecutions nationwide, according to the Department of Justice. In high-traffic border sectors such as Tucson, prosecutors have had to limit immigration prosecutions to no more than 70 a day.
As a result, many migrants don’t get hit with these penalties. Paloma Flores Lopez, for example, said she and her sister were held 24 hours, then sent right back across to Agua Prieta all three times they were caught trying to cross last month.
That’s common. One recent morning, at the modest Migrant Resource Center in Agua Prieta, less than 100 feet from the border fence, volunteers passed out homemade burritos and cups of coffee to eight migrants, sweating and fanning themselves in a room that has no air-conditioning. One woman hadn’t crossed yet. Five of the other seven had been caught trying to cross at least twice in prior weeks.
“My husband wants me to try again; I haven’t seen him for eight years, since he went north,” said Lilia Garcia, from the Mexican state of Guerrero.
She’d been caught two times in eight days, she said. Both times, she walked at night with a group several hours out of Agua Prieta, crossed the fence, and then headed to Douglas. “I think two times is enough. My husband wants me to keep trying, but I want to go back home,” she said.
Keep trying to cross
Garcia’s inclination to give up is unusual, say researchers.
David FitzGerald, a sociologist at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California-San Diego, is part of a project that since 2005 regularly surveys three towns in central and southern Mexico that send large numbers of undocumented migrants north.
“Consistently, the vast majority keep trying until they get across,” often paying for door-to-door service from coyotes, FitzGerald said. “In our most recent survey, in January 2013, about 85 percent of those who try to cross are getting across.”
At the same time, he says, the surveys show evidence of what he calls “remote deterrence,” people deciding not to set out. The top two issues people cite, he said, are a belief the U.S. economy is still bad (making it harder to find work), and fear of running afoul of the drug cartels that control northern Mexico.
“People aren’t afraid of being caught by the Border Patrol; they’re afraid of physical harm and death,” FitzGerald said. “Fear of crime along the border is the most important fear. The terrible things that have happened are very well publicized even in the smallest villages.”
And people fear dying of exposure or thirst in the desert.
“To the extent that U.S. policy has any effect, it’s based on the fact that our current policy is channeling migrants into remote areas where they’re dying at the rate of more than one a day,” he said.
Their research also suggests that the Border Patrol “consequences” programs make little difference. Even the long bans imposed on migrants who sign voluntary-departure orders, barring them from legally entering the United States for five or 10 years or longer, have little effect, said Wayne Cornelius, founder of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies and a political-science professor at UC-San Diego. He has researched Mexican migration for 38 years.
“Factors like family reunification trump fears of incarceration or prosecution. If you have children or spouses in the U.S., that’s going to trump everything else. If you have a desperate economic situation in Mexico, and you can’t feed your family, that’s going to trump any fears of enhanced consequences,” Cornelius said.
“U.S. policy has consistently underestimated the sheer determination, the sheer tenacity of Mexicans once they have made that decision. They will find a way to rationalize the costs and the risks and to borrow the money to make the trip, and to persist until they succeed.”
Where researchers find a deterrent effect, there are significant trade-offs.
Pia Orrenius, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, has studied Operation Streamline, a controversial policy calling for criminally prosecuting nearly all undocumented crossers. First-time crossers receive sentences of up to six months; second-time crossers are subject to felony prosecutions and much longer sentences before being deported. That program began in 2005 on part of the Texas border, and the next year in Arizona’s Yuma Sector, but has since been extended to most of the border.
As the policy was rolled out across more and more of the border, the deterrence effect vanished.
“Once most of the sectors implemented the policy, there was no overall negative effect on apprehensions,” said Orrenius. She said that having to serve jail sentences does seem to matter, “but it’s also the most costly for the U.S. government.”
Last fiscal year, the U.S. spent about $2 billion detaining undocumented immigrants, at an average cost of $164 per day per person, according to the DHS.
A study published in May by the Congressional Research Service detailed how aggressively the U.S. government has pursued its consequence programs: In fiscal 2005, more than three-fourths of those apprehended were granted voluntary returns, which allows them to avoid criminal charges. Last fiscal year, fewer than one in seven was granted a voluntary return — with seven out of eight getting some combination of criminal prosecution, formal removal or being transported hundreds of miles from their original crossing point.
Even as apprehensions along the border fell by 58 percent from 2007 to 2012, the absolute total number of criminal prosecutions and other enforcement actions taken against migrants climbed by 60 percent, to nearly 453,000. (Some people were subject to more than one type of enforcement action.)
But researchers continue debating the impact of these programs, with many suggesting that, in the end, they are not proving particularly effective at discouraging crossers.
“Look at it this way,” says Bryan Roberts, the economist. “Imagine if you could triple your salary by emigrating illegally to Canada. ... We have a wage gap of at least three to one with Mexico. It’s very hard to fight against that.”
One can hear echoes of that notion in conversations with would-be crossers at the Migrant Resource Center in Douglas.
“It’s hard because one comes to escape from Mexico. There’s a lot of poverty, corruption, narco traffic,” says Ivan Pacheco, 28, from Teotihuacan, in central Mexico, puffing on a cigarette outside the shelter. “I want to get ahead honestly, not by getting on with the mafia. But I don’t see a way to get ahead here.”
Pacheco says he’d like to join his brother in Utah. He crossed nine years ago, in Tijuana, without any problems. Pacheco has been apprehended twice by the Border Patrol trying to cross in recent days. The first time he signed a five-year voluntary deportation. The second time he says he had to sign a 20-year ban. He’d never been in any trouble with the law before, he said. But he sees little choice but to try again.
“I’ve been without work eight months,” he says, with a shrug. “Before that I worked in a paper factory. I earned 700 pesos a week ($55), working six days a week. You’re working to eat, nothing more.”
Republic reporter Brenna Goth contributed to this article.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Immigration Reform: Washington Creates Poverty To Grab Profit From Taxpayers

As a retired 26 year veteran of the US Border Patrol/INS/ICE, and now an anti-drug war/pro migrants rights activist, I am disappointed to say that I am against the current immigration reform being tossed around in Washington today.  We have had increasingly serious problems with illegal immigration and non-effective agricultural worker programs since the touted cure-all to both  (Reagan's 1986 Amnesty) miserably failed.

This current "comprehensive" reform approach is an insidious attempt to avoid the "A "word (amnesty) while creating a sub-class of 11.2 million people being held for 10 years of labor peonage in exchange for a possible green card and US citizenship.

Meanwhile Washington's entire border security complex is frothing at the mouth in anticipation of their very lucrative tax payer funded security contracts.  Such much for the sequestration.

The proposed legislation will again fail to fix our illegal immigration and agricultural worker problems.   Simply put -  they make more profit with their so-called  "fixes" (another amnesty/billions more in border security) than they would actually solving the problems.   Ask yourselves this:  is BIG AGRICULTURE really interested in a legal work force which would require minimum wages and standard working conditions?

This is very similar to out 40 year long drug war.   Lots of profit and propaganda with no real intended solutions.

Washington co-creates profitable NAFTA and CAFTA caused illegal immigration while their cronies profit from disingenuous "fixes" to those same problems.   Meanwhile - the undocumented and US taxpayers suffer their abusive costs and consequences.  

Combined we can solve the problems of this Washington created poverty for tax payer profit.

Immigration Reform: Both Sides Are Being Raped and Played

In response:

There is tremendous anger on both sides of the illegal immigration argument.    Many Dreamers and other undocumented people blame racist Americans or their American exceptionalist attitudes of bigotry and unkindness. 

Americans blame the "illegal invaders" for taking advantage of our freedom and so called American democratic society.
Both sides know deep down that something is very wrong.  Both sides are justified in being upset.  Yet few take the responsibility to educate themselves as to the root cause of illegal immigration.  They blindly blame each other for their problems which eliminates any hope of their problems being fixed. 

Here is the deal:  both sides are being raped and played by the American elite and the undocumented's' home country elite. 

In the case of Mexico the bi-national elite create and profit from poverty that pushes the Mexican undocumented into the US.  Mexico's elite export their own people who their economy can not sustain in return for billions of dollars in remittances yearly being pumped back into their economy.  The US elite profit off of cheap labor and an entire crony border security industry that US taxpayers fork over billions to annually.  Those same taxpayers suffer and pay for the over crowded emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses and unfair demographic changes to their towns.
The Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers get hosed by not only their own governments but each others governments too.   It is a vicious cycle of greed propagandized as unsolvable realities of  American life.

Wake up folks.  We are being played.  This illegal immigration industry is not unlike the illegal drug industry or even the illegal war industry.  All have become institutionalized profit makers for the US and global rich, and We The People of the World are suffering the costs and consequences.

So as long as we ignorantly fight each other, the true culprits keep laughing all the way to the banks.  

Americans Should Not Have To Stand For Mexico Exporting Its Poor Here

And/or Washington facilitating it!

In Response: 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Senator John McCain: Immigration Reform Opportunist/Hypocrite Extraordinaire

In response:

McCain and his cronies at ALEC and the Corrections Corporation of America love it when the McCain supported "Operation Streamline" jails the undocumented by the tens of thousands.  Why?  You do the taxpayer's math of some 30,000 undocumented inmates at some $100 to $125 a head per night.

Operation Streamline:

Taxpayers' costs to jail the undocumented per head per night:

Here is some background on the sordid industry of the privatizaton of the prison industry.

Then his cronies Raytheon and General Dynamics love it when he "reforms immigration" to the tune of billions in contracts for them while simultaneously semi-legalizing 11.2 million for labor AND setting the stage for the next wave of jail inmates and legalization/border security pawns.

PS  Don't forget how Clinton's NAFTA created the single largest influx of undocumented ever and why Washington continues this NAFTA rape of the undocumented and US taxpayers.

Get the picture folks?  These liars will never stop illegal immigration because of the profit involved in "immigration reform" and because too many American jobs depend upon the undocumented continuing to sneak in.

All created by Washington shysters at your tax dollar expense.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Simultaneous Rape of Good Undocumented People and Good Hardworking US Taxpayers

In response:

McCain's, ALEC's, and the CCA's "Operation Streamline" jails and has jailed the undocumented by the tens of thousands and yet he wants billions more for Arizona border security industries with his "immigration reform"?

We are witnessing Washington's simultaneous rape and attempted rape of the undocumented and US taxpayers.  They profit by creating trade agreements that push people here.  They profit by jailing those people and the corporatization of an entire industry touted as the "fix" to illegal immigration.  Then they insidiously profit by "immigration reform" which puts some 11.2 million people in labor peonage while starting this whole illegal immigration/border build up/reform cycle over again. 

Meanwhile - do these senators have to stand in long, over-crowded emergency room lines or send their kids to schools where a majority of the kids do not speak English?  Do these senators see their hometown demographics and property values change for the worse because of an unfair influx of undocumented people?

This is about cheap labor and profit, and the rape of common citizens from host countries  and the US.  Read what Clinton's NAFTA did to Mexico and the US:

No one who supports human rights and equality should approve of this bill.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Immigration Reform: Horse-Trading For Labor and Taxpayers' Money

In response:

I don't see how anyone who has taken the time to study this immigration reform bill can be in favor of it. 

It all boils down to "horse-trading" for labor and US taxpayers' monies being contracted to fatten the pockets of Washington's border security "partners in crime".  

Its like they are using our tax dollars to not only reward illegal entrants with "immigration reform" but also (they are using our tax dollars to reward) the "border security" industry for not doing the job it was hired to do to begin with. 

It's called decades of job security all brought to you and paid for by "We The People".

This is nuts! 

In all the years that I was a US Border Patrol Agent I knew something was insidiously wrong with the system.  This is it.  They simultaneously profitize, permit, grant and reward illegal labor and illegal entry into the country for their own insidious greed.

Why the heck else would they pay agents to chase people around like animals when many of those same people being chased are coming to work for US corporations to put food on not only their tables, but ours too?

This is nuts.  And these greedy so called leaders of ours tap dance around it, convolute and twist it in order to disguise just how nutty it actually is.

This bill will not help solve the problem;  it only puts a bloody bandage over the cancer that is allowed to grow.

Immigration Reform: The Profit Is In The Fight, Not the Fix

In response:

Immigration Reform: The Profit Is In The Fight, Not the Fix

How many of you who are so angry about illegal immigration really understand who the culprits are and what the insidious underlying process taking place really is?

Those who profit from this madness want us to remain angry and misinformed. They want us to believe that their reform pitch will solve the issues. Yet they are lying to us again.

Immigration reform ultimately is about the capitalization of illegal and legal labor. It is about squeezing the undocumented for every ounce of blood labor they can, and deferring all of the costs and consequences to the US taxpayers in the process.

Try to compare this to the war on drugs because the profit process is the same: the simultaneous profitization of the drugs' illegality and the never-ending war against that illegality. In other words, this "war" that Washington wages against illegal immigration is exactly like the "war" on drugs: the profit is in the "fight", not the "fix".

Washington has waged combined "wars" against illegal immigration and illegal drugs for about 4 decades now. Clearly there is no end in sight.

We all need to think worse case scenario here because that is what is taking place. Please take the time to educate yourselves by reading the following articles and connecting the dots for yourselves.

Immigration Reform - Let The Games Begin As Fraud Will Be Rampant

In response:

Take it from someone who worked as an INS Special Agent during Reagan's Amnesty - which ever route our so called leaders decide upon in giving benefits to the undocumented - the application fraud will be rampant.

My educated guess is that the crooks are already working on creating false rental receipts, school records, work records, utility bills, and affidavits in order to sell to those undocumented who really will not qualify.

The Reagan Administration knew of the massive Amnesty fraud yet did not give us the resources necessary to prosecute those who committed it.

Tens of thousands of fraudulent applications were rubber stamped through with Washington's full knowledge. Yet it was more important to Washington for Amnesty to appear successful than to tell the truth of the many applicants who successfully obtained "green cards" through fraud.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

US Farm Workers Chased Like Animals Then Stuck In Toxic Working Conditions

In response:

We pay Border Patrol Agents to chase these people around like animals then stick them into unsafe, toxic working conditions so that BIG AGRA can cash in on their labor.

Yet these Washington profiteers have fiddled around for years with a sensible agricultural worker visa program.

To top it off, that filthy rotten corrupt Mexican government goes along for the rape of its own people in order to benefit from remittances being pumped back into their economy.

Ultimately besides these laborers, US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of this insidious money making scam. Overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses and unfair changes to hometown demographics add insults to their injuries.

The jury is still out on the Zimmerman jury's decision

In response:

Right Jimmy. Making the "right decision".

Need I remind you of the decision that Castro made in the early 1980's when he unloaded his Cuban prisons and mental institutions into the US in an insidious Mariel Boatlift move that he pulled on you?

In Castro's mind he made the right choice yet the US suffered.

At one point in the mid-1980's Reader's Digest tracked several of those Cuban prisoners that you turned into US refugees as they went on brutal murder sprees across the US.

Do you think any US prisons would scare those animals after what they endured in Cuba?

My point is that just because you thought you made the right decision for the right reasons, it horribly back-fired upon "We The People".

The jury is still out on the Zimmerman jury's decision.

Immigration Reform: Sugar Coated Amnesty Is Still Amnesty

In response:

They are depending upon Paul Ryan who been anti-amnesty for some time now?

Earth to America: Sugar coated amnesty (with peonage attached) is still an insidious version of amnesty.

As before, American taxpayers will still be sucker-punched for billions in border security costs. They will suffer continual job losses and unfair demographic changes as the number of undocumented crossing is already increasing in anticipation of the next amnesty sequel.

This is about the US and home country elite creating poverty in exchange for remittances, cheap labor, and a never-ending "border security" cash cow for Washington's cronies that will soon rival our 40 year long war on drugs fiasco.

Extra, Extra, Read All About Washington's Immigration Reform Scandal!

In response:

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!  Read all about Washington's Immigration Reform Scandal! 

The Border Security Industry and their Gang of 8 insiders win the 38 billion dollar jackpot!

The undocumented get sentenced to 10 years of peonage for a possible green card and citizenship!

American taxpayers again suffer the costs and consequences of yet another of Washington's  illegal immigration "reform" swindles!

But Wait!  The way is already being paved for the next wave of undocumented laborers to enter the contest country and possibly be rewarded for their labor!

Amazing - Washington again avoids the actual cause of illegal immigration (home country poverty) and capitalizes on another immigration scam!

Why?  Because that is what they do.  They simultaneously create home country poverty,  illegal immigration and then profitize from both!

How much uglier can the truth be?  

These shysters trying to hide it and pretending we can't figure it out?

How Washington's Cronies Profits Off of Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs

In response:

I find it perplexing that Ms. Caldwell does not include information about the increase in asylum cases that stem from Mexico.

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent, I believe there is one insidious underlying issue that many Americans do not get about these cases:  our own government's involvement in drug war and economic policies that result in creating illegal immigration to the US.

Let me cut to the chase:  our government is two-faced:  one side uses taxpayer monies for corporatized "secure the border" and "war against drugs" programs while the other capitalizes upon the very illegal "acts" that they claim to be "fighting" against. 

Here are two articles that discuss how corporate industries thrive off of tax payers' monies dedicated to drug enforcement and border security.

The darker side of its two faces is one they do not like us to see:  how their own polices create and profitize home-country conditions that result in illegal immigration and a (40 year long failed) drug war that US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of.

You got to get this folks.  You are getting scammed while the blame is put on the undocumented.  Yes those same undocumented who enter the US illegally or apply for asylum and eventually get  rewarded with "immigration reform" in exchange for their profitized labor and remittances sent back home.

Here are a several more articles that you should consider.  They paint a horrible picture of Washington and I believe it s our task to get to the bottom truth our own government's connections to illegal immigration and illegal drugs.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stand Your Ground Fools

In response:

American exceptionalists revealing the insidious level of ignorance that they have let themselves stoop to.
Stand your ground fools as you stab and shoot yourselves in your own backs.

And Washington is worried about foreign terrorists? 

Watch as GZ shot for 15 minutes of fame and gets a lifetime of suffering. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman Sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Peace

In response:

Now how will you stand your ground George?

You shoot for 15 minutes of fame and get a lifetime of suffering.

You were allowed to steal Trayvon's soul in exchange for selling your own to the devil for eternity.

Those stand your ground self defense rules don't work in hell amigo.

God help you and us all.

US Immigration "Reform"- A Microcosm of Global Poverty

In response:

Our problem with immigration is a microcosm of the global 1%'s creation of global poverty for their own increased capitalization of cheap global labor and the destruction of the global middle-class.

And what do the majority of Americans do? Blame the undocumented who are just as much pawns is the insidious scheme as those Americans are.

We need to shake free of the myth that we live in democracy and that Washington cares about "We The People".

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Immigration Reform: I Don't Believe You Mr. President

In response:

Washington's two major political parties will do almost anything to hedge its Latino voter bets in order to stay in or gain political power. 

As far as Immigration Reform Mr. President - Why should I believe you?

I listened to Reagan's rhetoric and witnessed (as an INS Special Agent) the massive fraud that was overlooked by his administration during his 1986 Amnesty.

I listened to Clinton's 1994 rhetoric about NAFTA and witnessed the massive influx of undocumented that his fiasco caused (and continues to cause). The US and Mexican 1% line their pockets from Clinton's taxpayer snow-job while those same taxpayers have to suffer the costs and consequences of the jump in illegal immigration from the 3 million undocumented in 1986 to the 11.2 million that we have today?

I then experienced as an INS special agent Bush's 2003 convoluted creation of DHS as it combined Customs Special Agents with INS special agents (just to name 2 of over some 20 agencies combined). On the most basic level - do you have any idea of how many INS/US Border Patrol/Immigration benefit application forms that had to have their letterheads changed because of that nightmare?  Not to mention the combining of two basically dysfunctional agencies into one called ICE?

The gato is out of the bag. This immigration reform scam turns the undocumented into a sub-class of  indentured laborers serving 10 year sentences while soaking US taxpayers for billions more in your "border security hocus-pocus". 

So we again pay for security that will not stop the desperate people that previous Washington economic polices helped create in the first place? 

This article below reveals the motives behind you and your alma mater Harvard's reward of ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon with a lucrative fellowship while ignoring Calderon's US supported and continuing 2006 drug war that has scarified over 100,000 people.

How many more decades will American citizen taxpayers let them selves be sucker-punched by this "immigration reform" doublespeak?


Friday, July 12, 2013

Immigration Reform: Pogo and Forrest - we have met the enemy because stupid really is as stupid does.

In response:

Posters laugh at these people on the plane yet who is really being taken for a ride?

These same people who use humor to degrade the undocumented will ignorantly be regurgitating their same mindless bigotry 20 or 30 years from now. America's self-inflicted immigration problems have become (like military war and the war on drugs) institutionalized money-makers for the elite.

Profit is being made off of the entire insidious cycle of government created poverty, illegal immigration for undocumented labor/remittances, billions for the border security industrial (deportation) complex, and the further use of taxpayers' monies and political ignorance to keep the cycle up and running in perpetuity.

The more things (like immigration reform) change the more they remain the same.

Pogo and Forrest - we have met the enemy because stupid really is as stupid does.

I suggest educating yourselves to what is happening here and what your limited understanding actually promotes.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Illegal Immigration Reform: Plan Mexico

In response:

Mr. Boehner - tackle one part of illegal immigration, that of our neighbor's - Mexico. 58% (6.5 million out of our 11.2 million) are from Mexico and 23% (2.6 million our of our 11.2 million) come from other Latin American Nations and sneak into the US from Mexico.

Combined the two make up 9.1 million out of our 11.2 million undocumented.

OK Mexico, time to clean up your act. You start taking care of your own citizens by providing equivalent wages and services for you citizens at home.   With that the Mexican undocumented will stop coming and many will go home.

Combined with US border security we will effectively stop others from entering the US through Mexico. Our leverage is our combined 1.25 billion dollars a day that we share in cross border trade.

Our combined drug war must come to an end and marijuana legalization should be on the table to help with funding. Illegal arms will be stopped from being smuggled south (use the US military to inspect southbound cars and trucks).

We set up a fair and efficient Mexican guest workers program for US agriculture.

Immigration Reform: Did Mexico Let 9.1 Million Undocumented People Enter The US?

In response:

Of the 11.2 million undocumented here, Pew research puts the amount of Mexican undocumented at 58% (about 6.5 million) and other Latin American nations at 23% (about 2.6 million), combined total of 9.1 million of their 11.2 estimate.

58% of our undocumented are Mexican and another 23% are from other Latin American nations (El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras etc.).

Again, 9.1 million of our 11.2 million undocumented are from Mexico or other Latin American nations

I think it would be very safe to say that the majority of the 91% (58% Mexicans and the 23% other Latin American nations) sneak across the US border through Mexico.

Tell me why with all of this uproar about illegal immigration not one person in Washington broaches the idea of having serious discussions with Mexico not only about their poor illegally coming here, but the other 23% of our undocumented (Latin Americans) entering through Mexico too?

Do you not find this perplexing? Is this subject taboo because of the Latino vote, Mexican oil, trade, illegal drugs, or their current drug war?

We Have Collectively Discarded Our Humanity and Lost Our Collective Minds

In response:

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, this entire immigration reform debate confirms what I learned from the start of my career in 1979:

There is something insidiously wrong with chasing people down like animals when many of those same people come to put food on not only their tables but ours too.

And you know what? The hardest part to understand is that not only these two so-called democratic governments, but the good people of both sides of the line, (despite people dying in this process) continue to allow this insanity to go on.

To add insult to injury Washington remains silent about the Mexican drug war in which 100,000 lives (including several US citizens and US agents) have been sacrificed since 2006.

"Illegal" people, "illegal drugs" and a 40 year "war" to stop them both?

We have collectively discarded our humanity and lost our collective minds.