Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Immigration Reform: Did Mexico Let 9.1 Million Undocumented People Enter The US?

In response:

Of the 11.2 million undocumented here, Pew research puts the amount of Mexican undocumented at 58% (about 6.5 million) and other Latin American nations at 23% (about 2.6 million), combined total of 9.1 million of their 11.2 estimate.

58% of our undocumented are Mexican and another 23% are from other Latin American nations (El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras etc.).

Again, 9.1 million of our 11.2 million undocumented are from Mexico or other Latin American nations

I think it would be very safe to say that the majority of the 91% (58% Mexicans and the 23% other Latin American nations) sneak across the US border through Mexico.

Tell me why with all of this uproar about illegal immigration not one person in Washington broaches the idea of having serious discussions with Mexico not only about their poor illegally coming here, but the other 23% of our undocumented (Latin Americans) entering through Mexico too?

Do you not find this perplexing? Is this subject taboo because of the Latino vote, Mexican oil, trade, illegal drugs, or their current drug war?

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