Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Illegal Immigration Reform: Plan Mexico

In response:

Mr. Boehner - tackle one part of illegal immigration, that of our neighbor's - Mexico. 58% (6.5 million out of our 11.2 million) are from Mexico and 23% (2.6 million our of our 11.2 million) come from other Latin American Nations and sneak into the US from Mexico.

Combined the two make up 9.1 million out of our 11.2 million undocumented.

OK Mexico, time to clean up your act. You start taking care of your own citizens by providing equivalent wages and services for you citizens at home.   With that the Mexican undocumented will stop coming and many will go home.

Combined with US border security we will effectively stop others from entering the US through Mexico. Our leverage is our combined 1.25 billion dollars a day that we share in cross border trade.

Our combined drug war must come to an end and marijuana legalization should be on the table to help with funding. Illegal arms will be stopped from being smuggled south (use the US military to inspect southbound cars and trucks).

We set up a fair and efficient Mexican guest workers program for US agriculture.

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