Monday, July 1, 2013

The Washington - Mexican Illegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round

The Mexican elite "export" their poor and their own responsibilities for their own poor to the north in exchange for their poor's money flowing south as remittances.

Despite US immigration laws our elite obtain cheap undocumented labor and huge amounts of political/financial capital for their part in this unwritten deal.

American taxpayers "foot the bills" as they simultaneously end up paying billions into the undocumenteds' medical/educational costs and billions into the US border security "black hole" that never seems to be able to effectively stop those same undocumented. Also who can calculate the losses of jobs and unfair home town demographic changes that American taxpayers endure?

In America it has become politically mandatory and correct for Washington to vote for the self-serving, profiteering "reform" of their own designed-to-fail-for-profit illegal Mexican immigration Merry-Go-Round.

In America they try and convince "We The People" that we have a substantive choice between political parties who will fix this "problem". Unbeknownst to many Americans in fact the vast majority of our politicians all belong to the one and same oligarchy that parades itself as being democracy of and for "We The People".

Meanwhile decades pass as more and more Mexican people suffer from the bi-nationally, co-created NAFTA poverty that is necessary to keep this insidious trade-off spinning.

Today some 11 million undocumented will even sell their souls to the US elite for 10 years of labor and a chance at US citizenship.

Some even die trying to cross the border serviced by this "not so merry" Merry-Go-Round.

You see it is bi-nationally fueled by their insatiable greed which has made these two governments so dizzy that they have lost their moral compasses.

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