Thursday, July 18, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Profit Is In The Fight, Not the Fix

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Immigration Reform: The Profit Is In The Fight, Not the Fix

How many of you who are so angry about illegal immigration really understand who the culprits are and what the insidious underlying process taking place really is?

Those who profit from this madness want us to remain angry and misinformed. They want us to believe that their reform pitch will solve the issues. Yet they are lying to us again.

Immigration reform ultimately is about the capitalization of illegal and legal labor. It is about squeezing the undocumented for every ounce of blood labor they can, and deferring all of the costs and consequences to the US taxpayers in the process.

Try to compare this to the war on drugs because the profit process is the same: the simultaneous profitization of the drugs' illegality and the never-ending war against that illegality. In other words, this "war" that Washington wages against illegal immigration is exactly like the "war" on drugs: the profit is in the "fight", not the "fix".

Washington has waged combined "wars" against illegal immigration and illegal drugs for about 4 decades now. Clearly there is no end in sight.

We all need to think worse case scenario here because that is what is taking place. Please take the time to educate yourselves by reading the following articles and connecting the dots for yourselves.

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