Friday, July 5, 2013

Washington's Humanistic Answer to Illegal Immigration?

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Washington's Humanistic Answer to Illegal Immigration?

This is outrageous how Washington's immigration reform is spun as some humanistic answer or resolve to our "problem" with the undocumented.

The undocumented are immorally "exported" from their own country by their own government and then "given" ten years of indentured labor for a US green card by ours. What a deal.

Then these Washington profiteers will rape US taxpayers out of billions more for a border security industry that can't stop people any more than it can stop drugs.

Meanwhile - the Mexican elite have in effect "exported" 62% of "our" total amount of undocumented from Mexico. Not to worry! US taxpayers will suffer the costs and consequences of their medical, educational, job loss and unfair demographic changes to their lives!

And those bi-national elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade while this other economic horror show is going on?

The Mexican poor are not poor by some "qué será será" unlucky turn of fate. It is done to them by an oligarchy parading as a democracy run by organized crime (as it is here).

There is only so much wealth to go around, and their government elite as well as ours will not allow the poor the opportunities to prosper or cut into their 1% profit margins.

It is the same here just not quite so obvious i.e. a US government sponsored corporate take over compared to a Mexican government sponsored cartel take.

We use NAFTA they at times use machine guns.

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