Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are We The People Afraid To Connect The Mexican Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drug Dots?

In response:

Ask yourself and your representatives why Washington will not take one single aspect of 62% of our illegal immigration (Mexican illegal immigration) and address it.

You better bone up on NAFTA and the economic ties between the two countries.

After my first two years working with the US Border Patrol it became absolutely clear to me that our government was not committed to stopping illegal immigration or illegal drugs.

Oh sure the will propagandize their never-ending wars and border security measures, yet the real money is in the "trying" not the "doing".

Via NAFTA our government co-created poverty in Mexico in order to push cheap labor and border security amnesties here. They also help co-create drug addiction here to keep that entire multi-billion drug industry (legal and not) up and thriving. Have you read up on US support for the failed Mexican Drug War?

Are We the People afraid to connect the dots?

We are being scammed and thrown underneath the immigration reform and drug war bus along with Mexican citizens and their indentured laboring undocumented.

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