Thursday, July 25, 2013

Immigration Reform: Refrain From Enabling The System

Please read this article by Phil Rockstroph and extrapolate its core to Immigration Reform.
Phil Rockstroh
Eighty-Three Democrats Voted to Support the Obama Administration's position supporting the NSA's mass surveillance of American citizens. The operatives of the system of U.S. political duopoly possess as much regard for safeguarding the right of privacy and of the due process of law than they do in maintaining a functional democratic republic. In short, none whatsoever. The present political class could give a rodent's rectum about the general welfare of the citizenry. Now, insofar as the agendas and caprice of the (misnomer known as) corporate citizenry…that is where their devotion and ardor lies.
At this point, the belief that we,... as a people, can alter the oligarchic/militarist state by means of voting should be regarded as a destructive fantasy…should be apprehended as willful ignorance or toxic innocence. The situation in the U.S. has degraded to the point that a subversion of the present order by means of a refusal to participate in the sham is called for. Refrain from enabling the system: refuse to vote, unless and until, there arrives a viable option…which is a development that is far from likely to transpire. Instead, withhold your support and allegiance to any and all members of the political class.
Remember, by participation in the sham elections of the faux republic, a great many crackpot optimists and noxiously naive souls enabled the despicable reign of Obama, who has served as a normalizer of and has surpassed the undemocratic, anti-constitutional excesses of the Bush/Cheney years.
Bring an end to an era of denial and complicity. The time for mass refusal and re-visioning is upon us. The political elite of this decaying empire do not, in any manner, harbor any inclination to serve the needs of the general population. Thus, why should we, in turn, grant them any deference.
Pack the bags of these self-centered shitheels, place their belongings on the street, and change the locks to your heart. They have no respect for your dignity. If they did, they would respect your right to privacy. Instead, time after time, they have revealed to us their feelings on the matter. By granting them any more chances, you are no longer a victim, but a co-conspirator in the crimes committed against you.

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