Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don't Let Them Sweep 62% Of Our Undocumented Problem Under the Rug

In response:

Illegal immigration - please explain why not one of our Washington representatives will address the fact that 62% of the US undocumented are Mexicans?  Why are they not having congressional hearings about this fact and what could be done in Mexico to take care of 62% of our problem?

Is it because the Republicans or the Democrats are afraid of offending Latino voters?

Or are both parties afraid to admit that one of the main reasons that so many Mexicans are here is because Clinton's beloved NAFTA pushed them here? 

Or is it US dependence upon Mexican oil?  Or how about the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade? 

Or maybe they just don't want to draw attention to the US backed Mexican drug war that has slaughtered some 100,000 people?

Tell me what business in America would try to solve a problem without even broaching the subject of 62% of the cause of that problem?

Something is very slimy about this US/Mexico connection - especially when one takes into consideration Harvard University's recent decision to make ex-Mexican drug war President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?

I wonder why no one questions Bill Clinton's connection to that lucrative reward.   

I say as a retired US Border Patrol Agent that we the people should not support any immigration reform unless this topic is open for discussion and not simply swept under the "border security" rug again.

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