Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Drug and Immigraton Wars: God Help Us If You Can't See The Similarities

In response:

Why does this problem (illegal immigration) never get solved? Because the majority of Americans are ignorant as to what and who actually causes and perpetuates it.

Sure - it is simple to those who refuse to think. "Damn illegal alien lawbreaker hired by another greedy employer". Deport one, fine the other and problem solved, right?

Do you have any idea of how many years this cat and mouse game has been going on? Officially - 1986 with Reagan's Amnesty - which promised to end illegal immigration once and for all. As did Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS in 2003

Seal that border right? Nope. Too much money in not sealing it. Like the 40 year long war on drugs.

God help us all if you can't see the similarities.

For starters, which country supplies us with the most undocumented people and illegal drugs?

This is ultimately about people being hungry and/or addicted and two governments conspiring together to profit off of those realities.

Consider: Annual remittances in the billions; profits from cheap labor; profit from drugs and gun sales; cross border trade of 1.25 billion a day; immigration reform and border security - 38 billion; privatized immigration prisons and potential Latino votes.   

You have to look deeper than this HP article to get to the bottom of this.

Its all about money being put before human lives - ours lives and the lives of the undocumented.

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