Tuesday, July 9, 2013

19 Wrongs Don't Make A Right

In response:

19 wrongs (at a minimum) don't make a right

1)  home country elite "exports" their poor in exchange for remittances
2)  undocumented enter US illegally and break US law
3)  US employer employs undocumented against US law (Form-I-9)
4)  US employer commits wage theft
5)  US government (by design) fails to stop illegal immigration
6)  US taxpayers suffer loss of jobs, educational and medical expenses to and for undocumented
7)  US taxpayers suffer unfair demographic changes to their towns
8)  US government legalizes undocumented via immigration reform  
9)  US taxpayers unfairly charged billions in border security increases
10)  undocumented die crossing border
11)  home country elite profit by refusing to provide for their own citizens
12)  Washington panders to Mexican elite for oil and mutual trade profits
13)  Washington panders to undocumented for Latino votes    
14)  Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS all failed to stop illegal immigration
15)  chasing and imprisoning people who harvest our crops
16)  Washington's NAFTA increased home country poverty and undocumented in US
17)  Mexico's US backed (100,00 dead) drug war
18)  Harvard University rewarding Mexican Drug War President Calderon with fellowship
19)  American racism and bigotry against the undocumented

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