Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Immigration Reform: An Insane System of Imported Peonage

In response:

Bravo!  Adelante Muchachos!

I have to give you kids tons of credit for pushing an insane system in order to make a point.  How many Americans have the courage to do that?

You could have attempted to enter illegally like your parents most likely did and of course the other hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and Central Americans who have done so previously.

You kids are pushing Washington's self-serving immigration rules and policies in order to expose the absolute hypocrisy of their decades-old system of imported peonage.  

God doesn't Washington just hate it when people like these kids, or the Snowden's, Manning's and Assange's of this world refuse to play by the rules?  And have no doubt - all will all be symbolically "burned at the stake" for their "treasonous heresy and witchcraft".     

Why shouldn't "Dreamers" whose parents illegally brought them here to begin with be allowed to visit family in Mexico and return without being held in custody?  

Notice how people will take this example of what these kids did and angrily start the witch hunt.   "Deport their criminal parents for bringing them here".  "It's the Border Patrol's fault for not doing their job to begin with."  "It's Washington's fault for not enforcing the laws on the books to begin with".  "Impeach Obama for giving these kids deferred action."

Most Americans are afraid to embrace the truth of how their own government profits from illegal immigration.  It is about the profitization of cheap labor and the use of your tax dollars to enrich their crony industries who are insidiously created to "fight" but never "win" the battle. 

Here is their designed cycle of shame:  create home-country poverty which creates illegal immigration which creates cheap labor and bogus border security/profits which creates amnesties which creates illegal immigration ad infinitum.       

Do you have any idea of what Clinton's 1994 NAFTA did to the Mexican poor and US taxpayers?

This immigration battle is no different than their "war on drugs" or their "war on terrorism".  All three are have been designed to be never-ending money makers/tax dollar takers.

If you had to admit the ugly illegal immigration truth, you would also have to also admit that you have been insidiously used as pawns - just as the undocumented have been. 

That does not set well with what our indoctrination to always believe the best about our country.  It shakes us at our core.  There ain't no Santa Claus and our government is one of self-serving lies.  

What will it take to shake these American Citizen "dreamers" out of their exceptionalist stupor and take the country back for "We the People?

How about 11.2 million US undocumented and the countless number of deported undocumented plus all human rights supporters peacefully showing up on both sides of the border to do what these kids did?



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