Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Immigration Reform" Feeds the Defense Industry AKA The PentaGod

In response:

Please make sure you read the article linked above.  Although the article does not specifically mention "Immigration Reform" as a call for more tax dollars heading for the Defense Industry, that is actually what the proposed "border security" section "Immigration Reform" will do as it puts the Department of Defense on the border.

Below is my response to one poster who blames Obama and the democrats for all of this. 
God will this "one party or person is at fault" ignorance ever end? We have an oligarchic government stage performance here - portrayed and self-propagandized as a democracy. Their paid political actors play democratic or republican roles in order to give "We The People" the illusion of good old American hope.
We can never fix this until people see and call it for what it is:  step one.

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