Thursday, July 18, 2013

Immigration Reform: Horse-Trading For Labor and Taxpayers' Money

In response:

I don't see how anyone who has taken the time to study this immigration reform bill can be in favor of it. 

It all boils down to "horse-trading" for labor and US taxpayers' monies being contracted to fatten the pockets of Washington's border security "partners in crime".  

Its like they are using our tax dollars to not only reward illegal entrants with "immigration reform" but also (they are using our tax dollars to reward) the "border security" industry for not doing the job it was hired to do to begin with. 

It's called decades of job security all brought to you and paid for by "We The People".

This is nuts! 

In all the years that I was a US Border Patrol Agent I knew something was insidiously wrong with the system.  This is it.  They simultaneously profitize, permit, grant and reward illegal labor and illegal entry into the country for their own insidious greed.

Why the heck else would they pay agents to chase people around like animals when many of those same people being chased are coming to work for US corporations to put food on not only their tables, but ours too?

This is nuts.  And these greedy so called leaders of ours tap dance around it, convolute and twist it in order to disguise just how nutty it actually is.

This bill will not help solve the problem;  it only puts a bloody bandage over the cancer that is allowed to grow.

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