Friday, July 5, 2013

Senator John McCain Wants Immigration Reform? HAHHHAHHHHHHA

In response:

Senator John McCain Wants Immigration Reform? HAHHHAHHHHHHA

Is this the same John McCain who supports Arizona's "Operation Streamline" which uses the US Border Patrol and ALEC to run groups of "economic aliens" 80 at a time through Federal Courts and crony CCA immigration prisons?

Isn't it ducky how they charge US taxpayers some $125 an undocumented head for those undocumented to stay in their corporate hotel which magically turns those 80 "economic aliens" (AKA field workers or starving people) into 80 convicted "criminal invaders"?

All in the name of border security statistics used to persuade taxpayers to "reform" immigration with yet another twisted form of amnesty and billions more $'s for bigger and better "border security?"

Yet through all of the smoke (from our tax dollars being burned up) these profiteers not only know but count on the fact that nothing will stop hungry people from getting into the US?
And they by God and their patriots at their border security industries will get themselves rich just by "trying"?

No wonder they won't address the root cause of 62% of our undocumented (their own NAFTA that simultaneously screws the Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers, and increased our count from 3 million to 11 million).

Hola Pogo, we have met the enemy!
Es Señor Juan Mic-que-na!


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