Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Washington's Cronies Profits Off of Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs

In response:

I find it perplexing that Ms. Caldwell does not include information about the increase in asylum cases that stem from Mexico.

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent, I believe there is one insidious underlying issue that many Americans do not get about these cases:  our own government's involvement in drug war and economic policies that result in creating illegal immigration to the US.

Let me cut to the chase:  our government is two-faced:  one side uses taxpayer monies for corporatized "secure the border" and "war against drugs" programs while the other capitalizes upon the very illegal "acts" that they claim to be "fighting" against. 

Here are two articles that discuss how corporate industries thrive off of tax payers' monies dedicated to drug enforcement and border security.

The darker side of its two faces is one they do not like us to see:  how their own polices create and profitize home-country conditions that result in illegal immigration and a (40 year long failed) drug war that US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of.

You got to get this folks.  You are getting scammed while the blame is put on the undocumented.  Yes those same undocumented who enter the US illegally or apply for asylum and eventually get  rewarded with "immigration reform" in exchange for their profitized labor and remittances sent back home.

Here are a several more articles that you should consider.  They paint a horrible picture of Washington and I believe it s our task to get to the bottom truth our own government's connections to illegal immigration and illegal drugs.


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