Thursday, July 4, 2013

US Health Care System- Dead While On Taxpayers' Life Support for Over 50 Years

If our health care system was an actual patient, that patient would have been on a tax-payer funded life-support system for over 50 years now.

Don't tell the family (the taxpayers) the truth! Trust that our hospital (the government) with all of its doctors (politicians) will fix this unfixable mess. They will come up with new tests, new diagnoses, new insurance plans, new coverage's, new co-pays, new premiums, new hidden costs and new methods to be revealed later which will cost us a bundle but won't tell the family the truth.

The patient, The US Health-Care system, was DOA as soon as the insurance companies and their cronies (profiteers) took over.

God forbid Washington admitting it is wrong and actually copying other countries who has health systems that actually which work much better than ours.

Norway, for example, has a universal, tax-funded, single-payer system.

Or look what Iceland did with all of their corrupt politicians and bankers who ripped off Icelanders during the Great Recession/Mortgage Meltdown of 2008.

If anyone does not think these two are connected, God help you, go back to sleep.

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