Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We The People (From Here and There) Need To Stop Their War

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When does this stop?  At this point we can not trust our own government to tell us the truth.   These war mongering profiteers are thrusting our children and grandchildren into a downward spiral that the world may not be able to pull out of.

We the People from here and there need to stop them.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Senator John McCain - Immigration Reform Blowhard

Senator John McCain -  Immigration Reform Blowhard

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The same profiteer who hooked up with ALEC and CCA to jail the undocumented by the thousands (Arizona's Operation Streamline).

But Wait!  Now he wants to capitalize off of billions more for Arizona border security and the promise of US citizenship for political sway.

Anyone who believes in this blowhard and his asinine immigration reform should have his or her head examined.

Drug Violence: The Fault Lies With Everyone Else While No One Is Responsible

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It's the cartels' faults.  No it's the US drug users' faults.  It's the fault of US and global banks.  No it's the fault of  the US government 's failed drug war.  It's NAFTA's fault.  It's the Plan Merida's fault.  It's the US weapons, prison and border security industries' faults.  It's Calderon's fault.  No it's the Mexican Military's fault. It's Pena Nieto's fault.  It is those devil secarios' faults.  It's Nixon's fault.  It is the CIA's fault.  No its those gringo exceptionalists' faults, etc.

I say: 

Poverty, corruption, murderous violence and a global police state all have been created for the continuing profit and insatiable greed of  (in the case of the US and Mexico) the bi-national elite.    
Meanwhile we have been brainwashed it believing that we are powerless because this violence is simultaneously everyone else's fault and no one's  responsibility.

Many of us also incorrectly trust and believe that Washington will protect us from this nightmare.

We have met the enemy Pogo, and Yes Forrest - stupid is as stupid does.          

Monday, August 26, 2013

This Unimaginable Level of Mexican Drug Violence

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To a large extent this level of unimaginable drug violence started as a result of Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006, Washington backed, insane decision to the use the Mexican military to go to war with the drug cartels.
Despite all Mexican and US propaganda of this corrupt President Calderon "taking on organized crime" he in fact  used his biggest cartel of them all (The Mexican Army) to attempt to insidiously wipe out other drug cartel competition.

The collateral damage is now over 120,000 people (including many innocent bystanders and several US citizens and agents) - slaughtered.

Washington and its self-serving politicians will not touch this Mexican Drug War nightmare with a ten foot long pole.  Their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, Mexican oil, Mexican labor,  US Mexican investments, and current immigration "reform" are more important to them than addressing this bloodbath our own tax dollars go to support.

In the meantime - where is Washington's puppet Mexican drug war/NAFTA CEO Felipe Calderon today?  Enjoying a lucrative Harvard fellowship as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader which was supported by our own dear NAFTA Champion Bill Clinton.

Where is the American outrage?

Didn't Obama graduate from Harvard too?   Please google Harvard, Calderon, 100,000 dead, petition.

Bi-national addictions to drugs, guns, money, power, politics, and the governmental greed result in two nations run by "leaders" who refuse to address the needs of their own citizens.   

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Immigration Reform Will Not Benefit US Taxpayers Because It Will Not Stop Illegal Immigration

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Ali are you insinuating that passing immigration reform will save taxpayers' monies by somehow empting our privatized immigration prisons?

You have to be kidding. This proposed immigration reform will not stop the decades-old cycle of illegal immigration for profit or slow down our current record levels of deportations from the US.  

The ground level producer of illegal immigration is home-country poverty that (in the example of Mexico) was crafted by Washington's NAFTA.  Approximately 62% of our undocumented come from Mexico, yet not one politician or immigrants' rights groups will call out this bi-national immigration corruption for what it is:  the profitization of human beings' undocumented labor by the bi-national Mexican /US elite with all corresponding costs and consequences being absorbed by US taxpayers.

Ali I know personally how the undocumented cause over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses for US citizens and unfair/unwanted demographic changes to many Americans' hometowns.

Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS all failed to stop illegal immigration.  From the article:  "In other words, big business is reaping benefits from immigrant detention."  That is the tip of the illegal immigration iceberg.  Big business is reaping benefits from illegal immigration itself, not just the detention segment.  What about big agriculture?  How about the hotel/motel industries?  How about the entire border security complex?   How about politicians who reap immigration reform votes?  How about the health care industry whose hospitals charge enormous amounts of money to cover the undocumenteds' emergency room costs?  
This current immigration reform legislation in Washington does nothing to resolve our illegal immigration root problem of home-country poverty.   In fact it creates labor peonage by sentencing 11.2 million undocumented people to 13 years of labor for a possible shot at US citizenship.  Meanwhile US citizens will pay billions more for Washington's crony "border security" buddies. 

Of course Mexican propagandists will spout how wonderful their economy is doing.  They do in fact share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with the US.  Yet the disparity in wealth between the "haves and the have-nots" in both countries is higher than it has ever been.
This Mexican atrocity could be resolved by the two governments if they were forced to govern for the people and not their own financial greed.

I honor your commitment to immigrants' rights and immigration reform.  I think you need to address poverty as the ground-level problem and attack Washington for its contribution and profitization of poverty in order to solve illegal immigration once an for all.


US/UK Warn of Serious Response in Syria

Pavlov's war dogs frothing at their mouths. 

If chemical weapons were used, any chance that they were made by and sold from the US?

Blaming Snowden The Messenger

In response:

Myopically patriotic American exceptionalists will blame this messenger who is a symptom of an insidiously corrupt "democratic" government.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Illegal Immigration: Are We Modern Day Salves To Our Own Ignorance?

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Are not the vast majority of us "modern day slaves" to our jobs so that we are able to survive and afford the basics of life (food and shelter)?

I have always been able to find a job and I will assume most of the people who post here have always been able to find a job too.

The vast majority of us do not know what it is like to not be able to find work or to not be able to feed our families.
We do not know that kind of horror, yet many of us here so easily judge those who do know or might know.
Beyond that there are many of us here who blame those who enter the country illegally trying to find work as the cause of illegal immigration.  Kind of like blaming an arsonist's forest fire on the fire and not the criminal who created it.

We blame those while never having walked in their shoes.  We blame those without really understanding our own government's responsibility in creating the undocumenteds' home-country conditions that push them here.

Many don't understand that there are people in this country who insidiously profit off of creating poverty in the undocumenteds' home countries while simultaneously profiting from industries that are designed to stop the illegal immigration.  They also politically profit off of immigration "reform" bills that pretend to solve the same illegal immigration they themselves helped create.

Are you able to see the similarity to our 40 year long "War on Drugs"?

To add insult to injury, many Americans blame the symptoms or the messengers of  poverty (the undocumented) as the cause of US illegal immigration. 

Many of us are enslaved by our own ignorance and will remain so unless we take the time to investigate all of the aspects of illegal immigration and not simply accept what Washington tells us. 

American Exceptionalists Are Just As Much Slaves As The Undocumented Are

In response:

Bravo Rev. Erick Salgado!  Finally a political candidate who has the courage to expose the US system of profitized illegal immigration for what it really is.  

But wait!  Here come all of the ignorant American exceptionalist sheep doing exactly as their own elite slave masters want them to do - blame the undocumented and crucify Mr. Salgado!

Take one example - Mexico.  Clinton's NAFTA pushed more Mexican undocumented into the US than at any other previous time in US history.

Didn't Clinton promise that NAFTA would end illegal immigration?  Must be the undocumenteds' faults, right? 

My God what will it take to wake up you up?

Tell me American exceptionalist - just what would you do if you were a small corn farmer in Mexico and your parcel of community land (the ejido system) was taken away by your corrupt government as a result of NAFTA?  Or Wal-Mart moved as a result of NAFTA and ruined your small business?   How about your corn being underbid by cheap American NAFTA corn? And those NAFTA border factories (maquiladoras) that was supposed to give you jobs but paid only $6.00 a day and/or were moved to China?

What these American exceptionalists do not realize is that they are being raped as slaves to the bi-national elite's profit for illegal immigration system just as much as the undocumented are.   

The undocumenteds' home-country poverty is intentionally created by the US and home-country elite.  That poverty pushes US illegal immigration which rewards the home-country with remittances.  That poverty gives the US elite a never-ending, expendable source of cheap laborers.  That poverty creates profitable tax-payer funded industries centered around US border security and enforcement.  That poverty creates US political agendas and amnesties designed to recreate another sub-class of peons who will get their freedom (US citizenship)  after 13 years of labor. 

Meanwhile the duped American exceptionalists keep blaming the undocumented while forking over ever increasing amounts of their tax dollars to Washington's crony border security contractors.  Those same Americans keep blaming the undocumented as they stand waiting in over crowded emergency rooms.  They keep blaming the undocumented as they see their jobs lost or underbid to undocumented laborers.  They keep blaming the undocumented as they see their hometown demographics unfairly change for the worse. 

They keep blaming the undocumented and keep voting in and believing the same politicians who insidiously allow all this insanity to continue.

All of us - US taxpayers and the undocumented - are responsible for this mess because we allow it to continue.  AND the first step to stopping this insanity is knowing who causes it - and why.

I suggest a bi-national, border-wide, peaceful protest against the bi-national elite who create and profit from the abuse of the good people on both sides of the border.  Shut their 1.25 billion dollars a day cross border trade machine down for a few days.  Bring world-wide attention to this atrocity committed by two governments upon its own good citizens.

62% of our undocumented are pushed here by the US and Mexican elite.  The Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if they could have comparable living wages and services at home with their own families. 

The elite of both countries can afford to make the change.  The question is, will the common bi-national, hard working, decent citizenry stand up for themselves and demand it?            

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Washington Does Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

Washington Does Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

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What will it take to wake Americans up to the fact that despite what Washington politicians say they simply do not want to solve illegal immigration? 

Sure ICE will throw you a car wash or meat packing plant prosecution now and then.  Yet 
Washington's cronies continue to make so much more money off of cheap labor, privatized prisons, amnesty political capital, drug wars, border militarization and Mexican trade (legal and not) that these employer cases are simply just written off as the  cost of doing business. 

Big businesses (especially AGRI, restaurant and the hotel/motel industries) will not allow common sense approaches like mandatory E-verify to pass. 

As a comparison what effect has high profile drug prosecutions had upon that trade?

There is too much profit in not only the illegal enterprises themselves but in the corporate industries that "fight the fight" for Washington to realistically consider to solve these problems.

The drug war has dragged on for over 40 years, and the amnesty approach started 27 years ago.    
We all need to start thinking outside the "common sense box" because these industries are all about profit and have nothing to do with not common sense.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Immigration Reformists Have No Compassion for The Next Wave of Undocumented or US Taxpayers

In response:

Another undocumented victim/self-server who will sell out for this reform so HIS life and HIS family may be better. 

What about the next wave of people will have to go through even more stringent reform requirements and may die crossing the border?   Where is your compassion for them?

How about the American taxpayers who will suffer skyrocketing border security costs, losses of jobs, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms/accompanying health care costs,  and unfair demographic changes to their home towns?

This is a home-country poverty issue that is created by the US elite and the undocumenteds' home country elite.  All designed to keep laborers coming (and dying) and sending the bills to US taxpayers.

Dreamers, the undocumented and everyone else involved needs to address what is the right thing to do to end this problem, not perpetuate and exacerbate it. 

This is about the US and home-country governments profitizing poverty and "border security".   
Your selling out is no different than your home country government selling you out and the US government selling US taxpayers out. 

The elite are using drug war strategies on illegal immigration, and God knows how well that has played out in the last 40+ years.

I am sorry for the suffering of all involved.  We need to unite to end this nightmare once and for all.  This reform kicks the can down the road again. 

Upsetting The Global "Tea" (as in THC) Cart!

In response: 

So many contributing campaign profiteers to consider!  Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Oil, Big Cotton, Big Farming, CIA dark money, drug enforcement and drug war industrial complexes, Mexico's elite and bi-national economies, cartel laundering banks, and any other lobbyists who profit by keeping marijuana illegal that I surely missed.

When it comes to this kind of political influence, using common sense goes up in smoke as it would upset the global "tea" (as in THC) cart!

Go Uruguay! 

Is it any wonder this Presidential gig is aging Mr. Obama so!


Beyond Their All Encompassing, Self-Serving Immigration Reform

In response:

The major reason that illegal immigration keeps coming back to haunt us all is that all parties involved (US & home-country governments, Washington lobbyists, the undocumented & their supporters, the anti-reform faction & their supporters, big businesses and US taxpayers) are all self-servers who only care about how they will be personally affected by reform and how it can best benefit they themselves.

The problem has gone on for decades because the US and the undocumenteds' home-country economic policies create and then profitize poverty.  Home-country elite export their undocumented for the remittances sent back home.  Those in the US who hire the undocumented do so to make or save money.  The undocumented come here to make money to live and possibly become US citizens.  The politicians who sway one immigration way or another do so in order to stay in office and profit from special interest groups.  Border security industries profit by creating prisons, gadgets and other ideas to pretend to stop illegal immigration.  US taxpayers suffer the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their lives but do not take the time to really understand the root causes of the problem and stand up to Washington.  The 11.2 million undocumented here will sell their souls for 13 years of labor peonage just for a chance at US citizenship while setting an insidious precedence for the next wave of undocumented who are sure to come.   

The dilemma:  not one of the above self-serving acts will do anything to actually stop the problem.  In fact, each not only extenuates but exacerbates US illegal immigration.   

This all is very similar to they way we pollute the environment as either individuals, businesses, groups or governments.  The majority of people who pollute only care about their own individual interests and what comforts them best.  Meanwhile their temporary profits and delusions of  safety/control all contribute to the eventual suffering and destruction of us all.

I say no to their comprehensive, self-serving immigration reform.  I say yes to getting to the bottom of the ugly truth of illegal immigration.  I say the common people from both sides of the border must unite to do this. 

It is only in this manner that we can peacefully force the current powers to be come to realistic immigration solutions that will benefit the common good of both (and all) nations.

Do Lucrative US Government Drug Enforcement Contracts Equal Cartel Profits?

In response:

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said. "I urge others who aspire to take their place (Arrellano-Felix brothers/Cartel leaders)  to take note."

I wonder how many millions of US tax dollars were spent on just this one lengthy investigation? 

The US War on Drugs has dragged on for over 40 years.  Unfortunately these cartel kingpin prosecutions do nothing to deter others from taking up the trade. 

At this point US government contracts for the drug enforcement/border industrial complex have become just about as lucrative as the cartel industry itself.
BTW, don't forget US and global banks who simultaneously profit by laundering cartel money and making legitimate loans to the drug enforcement industrial complex.

Meanwhile in 2013 Harvard University decorates ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon with their First Angelopoulos Global Leader award and lucrative fellowship?

Pogo we have met the enemy, and like it or not he is closer and more insidious than we care to admit.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Governmental Rapes of The Common People Of The US and Mexico

In response:

And notice (if you dare) how the elite at Harvard University rewarded ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon with their 2013 Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative fellowship.

Harvard pitched this atrocity as opening its halls of unparalleled education to a man who reformed Mexico's economy and bravely took on organized crime in Mexico.

Do you honestly believe that the Mexican government (or as a matter of fact, the US government) is run by anything but organized crime?

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I have taken the time to study the US "War on Drugs" and Washington's economic relationship with Mexico.

Here is the deal folks:  we (the hard working people of the US and Mexico) are being raped by the bi-national US/Mexican elite.  They propagandize this illegal drug and immigration merry-go-round in order to disguise the fact that both groups have not only profitized these illegal institutions but they have profitized the enforcement industries who are supposed to quell those illegal trades.

Please use you heads:  a failed 40 year long drug war and 27 years of immigration "reform" that have done nothing less than exacerbate both problems for the bi-national common folks and fatten the bank accounts of the elite who control our "leaders" who are suppose to solve these problems.

Please help our bi-national petition appeal to Harvard to remove Calderon from Harvard.  We need 100,000 signatures - one for every person senselessly sacrificed during Calderon's failed US backed drug war. 

I promise that I will hand deliver these signatures to Harvard once the 100,000 mark is met. Please google Harvard petition 100,000 Calderon and sign.


Our Own American Exceptionalist Arrogance and Ignorance

In response:

American exceptionalists gloss over and even make fun of these poor people while never realizing the part Washington plays in this tragedy and the consequences we and the entire world will continue to suffer from Washington's insidious greed and our own arrogant ignorance and denial of the same.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Mexican Army - The Biggest Cartel of Them All

In Response:

Meanwhile Chapo Guzman is still not only at large but "living larger than life" in Mexico.

Author Charles Bowden, a renown expert on Ciudad Juarez and Mexican drug violence called the Mexican Army "the biggest cartel of them all".
This 2006 US supported Mexican Drug War is nothing but a government sponsored cartel take-over/wipeout of the competition propagandized as Mexico's fight against "organized crime".  

H-E-L-L-O America!  The Mexican government (not unlike the US government) is organized crime. To their credit the Mexicans are more violently open and "macho" about the way they do things.

Our two government are in cahoots over illegal drugs.  Look at how Harvard coddles ex-Mexican Drug War (100,00 dead) Felipe Calderon. 

Our petition to shame Harvard into sending Calderon south is open.  Please sign!

American Immigration Exceptionalists Blame "The Water" For the Government Controlled "Flood"

In response:

Illegal immigration is big business on both sides of our southern border.  I guess most of the posters here can't quite figure out where their tax dollars are going and why their own ignorance plays right into the bi-national elites' illegal immigration for profit scam.

American exceptionalists gang up to pound on the undocumented as the cause and therefore the cure to illegal immigration.  Anyone who might lend a hand to these folks is considered the enemy.

What these exceptionalists do not realize is that our problem with illegal immigration is actually a global phenomena.

Washington will eventually legalize the 11.2 million who are here and set the stage for the next wave. 

Meanwhile the exceptionalists will keep yelling at and blaming the water for the government controlled flood.  That is if they are able to keep treading water.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Angry and Ignorant Americans and The US Undocumented

Many angry posters and many US voters are a good three steps removed from understanding the real causes of illegal immigration.  They focus upon the "illegal alien invaders" as the cause and therefore the solution to the problem while knowing little if anything else about who and what really causes illegal immigration.

This position of anger and ignorance is exactly where the politicians of the rich want the majority of Americans to be.  How could "We The People" fix a problem that we really do not understand?

I am guilty too.  I worked as a US Border Patrol Agent and although I always knew something was "off" with the system, I really did not understand what it was until I spent eight years into my retirement studying not only illegal immigration but our war on drugs too.

Illegal immigration boils down to the US and the undocumenteds' home-country elite simultaneously creating and profiting off of home-country poverty and its ensuing US illegal immigration.  Cheap labor and its accompanying political capital are valuable to the rich.  So are the billions in US tax dollars used to enrich Washington's border security industrial complex.

Our 40 year long failed war on drugs is very similar.  The profit is in "fighting the war" not finding a workable solution.

As long as the majority of Americans and undocumented remain angry and ignorant the problem of illegal immigration will never be solved.  You need to understand NAFTA and the economies that bind the rich from both sides of the border.  You need to understand the institutionalization of corruption and narco-trafficking south of the border.  You need to understand how the US elite profit from decades of that status quo.      

Ask yourselves this:  Why do we seldom if ever hear any US politicians blame the corrupt government of Mexico for the part it plays in our illegal immigration?

Or - would the Mexican undocumented (62% of our undocumented) come or stay here if they could make comparable living wages working at home with their families?



They Use Drones Because We Let Them

In response:

I am a 62 year old American and I believe that the vast majority of typical Americans are so busy trying to make ends meet that they either can't or don't take the time to thoroughly investigative what our government is really up to.

We are taught as kids to trust the democratic process and to believe that one major party or the other will take care of our needs while the other causes the (economic, health-care, immigration, war etc.) problems that we seem to have to endure.

I am a retired US Border Patrol Agent and has taken me eight years in retirement to educated myself and understand what is insidiously running and ruining our country.  The war in Iraq was based on lies and greed.  The Great Recession of 2008 was based on lies and greed.  Our failed health care system - the same.  Our immigration policies are set up to simultaneously abuse the undocumented for cheap labor and rape US taxpayers for all the "border security" tax dollars Washington's cronies can steal.  Our forty-year long drug war has become a typical governmental "for profit" industry that gives the US the distinction of having the highest privatized prison population in the world.  Profits from weapons, crime, disregard for our environment, and foreign policy/political corruption accompany our elite's master plan to destroy the US middle class.

If this all sounds rather bleak it is because it is.  I worry about my children's' and grandchildren's futures.

I imagine things in Great Britain are similar.  I have read some promising article about Iceland that give me hope.

I advocate for peaceful world-wide revolutions that will bring these out of control governments to their senses.  They use drones because we let them.          

Failed Forty Year Long Drug War Industry

Who do you think pays for (and therefore employs people who make) the fancy SWAT vehicle, surveillance aircraft, radios, semi-automatic rifles/pistols, ammunition, gun belts, boots, vests, helmets, and tactical gear?

How about the court costs, prison costs, salaries for all involved, and eventual law suits? Multiply that by thousands of law enforcement agencies across the United States.

How much of the funding for this nonsense came from Washington's Department of Homeland Security under the guise of "terrorism"? 

Is it any wonder that US politicians and Washington are in favor of this failed forty year long drug war industry?

Friday, August 16, 2013

The US and Mexican Governments Have Lost Their Minds and Need To Be Brought To Their Senses

In response:

"Horrific" is how these self-serving politicians and their bi-national elite masters (Mexico and US for example) abuse not only the Mexican undocumented but US taxpayers too.

The Mexican undocumented are simultaneously exported for profit by their own elite in exchange for remittances while imported for profit by the US elite for cheap labor and never ending border build ups and border militarization.

US taxpayers continually and increasingly pay the price of billions of their tax dollars being pumped in the US elite's corporatized border security back hole.  They also suffer and pay for the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their neighborhoods that the US elite lives above.

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I find it disgusting that not one US politician from either side of the political divide ever criticizes the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in the creation of 62% of our undocumented population.
Do you really think that the Mexican undocumented would come or stay here if they could make comparable living wages working at home with their families?

In fact it disgusts me that so many American voters will not educate themselves beyond the immigration propaganda that our corrupt politicians spew. 

Yes - Americans and the undocumented have every right to be angry about the nightmare they find themselves within.  Yet if you want to get to the bottom of the illegal immigration problem you will have to get beyond the political rhetoric that they have been regurgitating since Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.
And from where I sit, I see the worst case scenario as the most realistic cause of our illegal immigration.  That is to say the bi-national elite conspiring to profit together by creating poverty that creates illegal immigration that creates continual amnesties and US tax payer funded border build ups.

This cycle of insanity needs to stop and it is for that reason that I do not support their convoluted reform scam.  In fact I suggest a border-wide, bi-national, peaceful protest that brings the world's attention to this bi-national atrocity. 

Throw in the US backed Mexican Drug War (120,000 killed since 2006) and it becomes crystal clear that these two governments have lost their minds and need to be brought to their senses.   

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Washington's Immigration CACA Prolifrated For Profit

In response:

Back in 1991 Washington gave "Temporary Protective Status" (TPS) to Central Americans who were facing horrible drug and civil war violence in their home countries.

Here it is some 22 years later and the fates of these TPS Central Americans are still in limbo as each and every year the powers to be de jour in Washington decide to renew or deny their TPS extensions.

The point being:  Congress (in theory) could drag out these DACA cases for decades and add them to the already insurmountable pile of immigration CACA previously proliferated for profit by Washington.    

Washington Deplores Violence Yet Loves Weapons Profits

In Response:

Washington deplores the violence but loves the privatized US profits/jobs from US manufactured weapons!
Washington thinks most Americans are simpletons who won't realize that Egypt contracts with the US government and US weapons manufacturers in order to use US taxpayer monies to be given to Egypt as  "foreign aid" in order to "buy" US weapons from US Government contractors.

The net result is US politicians using US taxpayers' monies to arm the Egyptian military and embarrassingly support the Egyptian Military's coup. 

Thank you Washington!  The scams that you pull never cease to amaze me.   

The Evil, Illegal Drug Empire - No One Can Be Trusted

In response:

Let me see here. Washington continues "our" 40 year-long failed war on drugs by supporting a drug war in one of the most corrupt countries/governments on earth (Calderon's and now Pena Nieto's Mexican Drug War). My fellow Americans - where is Calderon today?

It is no wonder that the Knights Templar stand up for themselves. No one can be trusted in this evil, illegal drug empire.  Those on the top thrive upon organized power, corruption, unimaginable wealth and murder.  Those at the bottom want jobs, prosperity, and peace.

Anyone who thinks that the people who pull the strings of global governments are not involved in this (including those of the good old USA) is wrong.

Washington: Go "Mano a Mano" With Your Bi-National, Corrupt, Elite Bosses

In response:

Earth to Washington politicians: Your creations of the failed US War on Drugs and NAFTA have gone a long way in getting us in this mess to begin with.

You Washington liars need to go "mano a mano" with your corrupt, bi-national elite (US/Mexico) bosses and force them to provide for the wonderful people of Mexico in Mexico which magically would help the wonderful people of the US too.  

That in itself would take care of 62% of the US undocumented problem and illegal Mexican border crossers.

As far as the US Drug War - only idiots would continue a 40 year long fiasco like that.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mexican Drugs, Mexican Undocumented and The US Prison Industrial Complex: The Simultaneous Bi-National Profitization Of Legality and Illegality

In Response:

Illegal Drugs: 

Keep them illegal in order to fill our jails with "criminals" while corporate bankers launder cartel profits and Washington privatizes US prisons in order to rake in billions in tax payers' funding.  Create a 40 year long war that institutionalizes and corporatizes drug enforcement as part of the US Military Industrial Complex.  Back Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006 "War On Drugs" which has slaughtered over 100,000 (overwhelming innocent) people while keeping billions is drug profits flowing south.  Reward said tyrant with a lucrative Harvard fellowship.  Profit from creating global poverty that pushes people into using legal and illegal drugs in order to maintain the status quo. 

Remember:  Washington's insidious goal is to enrich their puppet politicians and cronies by "fighting" the perpetual "war" instead of solving the problem. 

Illegal People: 

Keep them illegal for wage and population control.  Create a never ending supply of laborers by creating home-country poverty (NAFTA).  Keep Americans believing that illegal immigration can and will be solved by setting record deportations and the complete militarization of the border.  Reward illegal immigration with periodic amnesties which promise US citizenship in exchange for years of labor peonage.  Wake up:  the Mexican elite conspire with US elite in order to keep this cycle of exportation of their own people in exchange for billions in remittances pumped back into their economy.  Meanwhile, they create bi-national trade and oil dependency that fattens the pocket books of the bi-national rich (1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade) while exporting US jobs and importing undocumented laborers.

Remember:  Washington's diversionary propaganda is used to brainwash Americans into blaming the undocumented instead of solving the problem.      

Monday, August 12, 2013

Corruption In Mexico: Americans and Washington Know But Do Nothing About It

In response:

Corruption In Mexico:  American's and Washington Know But Do Nothing About It

Americans may pay lip service to it, but that's about all. American exceptionalists think that Mexico's problems are not ours. Yet, 62% of our undocumented come from there as does the majority of our illegal drugs.

What about Washington's backing of Calderon's failed "100,000 Dead" Drug War and the fact that the elite at Harvard are coddling this tyrant as I type?
The bi-national elite enjoy the proceeds of some 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border (NAFTA) trade while considering the "reform" of 11.2 million undocumented.

All costs and consequences are passed on to those people who know but don't do anything about it.

In response:

Who is Washington trying to kid? They go all patriotic about Caro-Quintero, yet sit back and let ex Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" (including US agents and US citizens) Felipe Calderon "serve US time" at Harvard University as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?

How many hundreds of thousands of people have been killed due to 40 years of failed US drug policies?

Anyone who does not see this as a bi-national profit maker for illegal drug and legal law enforcement industries is nuts.

Caro-Quintero should remain in jail until he dies and Felipe Calderon should be deported from the US. The US should sanction Mexico until they provide for their own citizens which would dramatically reduce border crossings, Border Patrol killings, and deaths to undocumented from border crossings dangers.

Mexican Asylum Cases and The Dream 9

In response:

The most important question now is:  what will be the results of these kids' asylum cases?

I am guessing the current time wait for immigration court to be at a minimum of sixteen to twenty-four months. 

Otherwise with the current rejection rate of Mexican asylum cases involving credible fear stemming from cartel related death and violence, I would not start popping the champagne bottles just yet.

The corporate profiteers who run our government will do what they can to keep the current illegal immigration/"reform" profit cycle running.  Granting large amounts of Mexican asylum cases does not fit into their profitized immigration/border security plans.

If Washington actually admitted that the US backed Mexican drug war terrorized Mexican citizens and produced "credible fear" to a group deserving asylum, would they not also be admitting their own culpability in that insidious war?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rafael Caro-Quintero - Face It Amigos

In response:

Face it amigos, the US and Mexican bi-national elite do not care about the common people of either country. They both profit from illegal drugs. They both profit from illegal immigration. They both profit from labor reform amnesties. They both profit from illegal arms sales. They both profit from NAFTA. They both profit from Mexican oil. They both profit from 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. They both profit from the current US backed Mexican drug war that has left some 100,000 dead (including US agents and citizens) in Mexico.

And Harvard University gives Ex Mexican Drug War President/CEO Felipe Calderon a lucrative fellowship as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?

By the way our petition to Harvard is still up and running. We are shooting for 100,000 signatures - one for each person killed in Calderon's insane drug war.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Fighting The Root Cause Of Illegal Immigration

In response:

The root cause of illegal immigration is greed.  More specifically, the greed of the elite who profitize the undocumenteds' home-country poverty, undocumented labor and US citizen "border security" tax dollars.

Family separation is a one of the many insidious symptoms of illegal immigration.  This current push for reform would be another temporary fix to family separation of the current 11.2  million undocumented.  

My question is:  what about the next wave who will face these identical problems in the years to come?  What about the US taxpayers who will continue to suffer the costs of failed border security, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses, and unfair demographic changes to their home town neighborhoods? 
The demonstrations making demands about a symptom of illegal immigration (as is the presence of the US undocumented) will further alienate US citizen taxpayers.  It is those taxpayers who suffer the symptoms of illegal immigration too.    

Yet it is these demonstrations that fit right into the elite's game plan:  divide, conquer, and keep people fighting about the symptoms rather than the cause.  Washington now has the undocumented and their supporters agreeing to 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship.  What precedence will this set for Washington and the next push for "reform"?  Possibly 30 years of undocumented labor peonage and 100 billion dollars in taxpayers' expenses funneled to Washington's crony border security buddies' black hole?
I hope this reform is shot down because it will not fix illegal immigration.  In fact, it will promote it.   

Failure of reform could be the impetus for people on both sides to unite and attack the root cause of illegal immigration:  the greed of the elite. 

For instance, would the Mexican undocumented (62% of US undocumented) come or stay in the US if they could make a similar living wage working with their families in Mexico?  Are you actually na├»ve enough to believe that the corrupt Mexican government could not be economically sanctioned into doing so? 

This could be done.  It would take US citizens and reform supporters to stand up to Washington (or better said stand up to the US elite who profit from their system of illegal immigration for profit).             

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Americans and Illegal Immigration: The Hell With The Message, "Shoot" The Messengers

In response:

Our own US government's complicity in the issue of illegal immigration is so much more insidious than most Americans ever take the time to realize.

Do you have a clue as to how many fraudulent 1986 Amnesty application were "rubber stamped" through by the Reagan administration?

It was more important for Reagan to appear successful than to tell the truth.

Do you folks know that NAFTA pushed more undocumented into the US than ever before?

Do you have any idea of the powerful economic bond the US has with Mexico?

Do you have any idea of how not only Washington, but Harvard University, pampers ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon?
In response:
With all of this said,  what is the typical American exceptionalists' reaction to illegal immigration?    The hell with the message -"shoot" the messengers!

Connect the dots folks.  US immigration "reform" boils down to the use and abuse of the undocumented for cheap labor, and the use and abuse of you and your tax dollars to fatten Washington's crony "border security" buddies' retirement accounts.

We need to force these self-serving Washington politicians to force the corrupt Mexican government to take care of it own citizens.  When we do that, 62% of our undocumented population would disappear.

Finally I dare you to entertain the idea that the US illegal immigration and drug war for profit systems are but a microcosms of what is happening globally.



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Biggest Illegal Immigration for Profit Offenders: The US and Mexican Elite

In response:

I think the people who suffer most from not only Washington's but Washington's crony  immigration for profit friends and industries are US taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented.

Of course the propagandists who hold this immigration status quo in place rely upon these two groups being at odds with each other.  This despite the fact that both groups are victimized for immigration profit:  one for labor and the other for tax dollars used to support the continuation of the first group (despite all Washington's border security hype).

The biggest offenders are the Mexican and US elite.  We should unite and peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion a day in cross border trade for as long as it takes to for these two self-serving governments to stop abusing each other's citizens.

The US could solve 62% of its undocumented population problem if the corrupt Mexican government took care of its own people.


What Next? Chapo Guzman At Harvard?

In response:

Americans should be outraged about this disgusting Harvard cronyism with ex Mexican Drug War/NAFTA/US puppet president Felipe Calderon.

Nowhere is the blatantly insidious connection of the bi-national elite more obvious than this Bill Clinton supported, Harvard selected First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and Fellowship Award to ex Mexican President Felipe "100,000 Drug War Dead" Calderon.
The bi-national elite profit from Mexican drugs, Mexican illegal immigration, Mexican labor, Mexican remittances,  the Mexican Drug War, American guns, American Amnesties, American Taxpayer funded Border Militarization, American medical and educational costs for the Mexican undocumented, American investments and American pushed NAFTA which put many Americans out of work while pushing more Mexican undocumented into the US than at any other time in our country's history.

Do you suppose Harvard University is in favor of Pena Nieto continuing Calderon's failed US backed Drug War and Washington's current push to "reform" immigration?  What a deal!  The Mexican undocumented who make up 62% of the US undocumented will "get" a shot at US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  Meanwhile, US taxpayers will be soaked another 38 billion to be added to Washington's crony "border security" buddies retirement plans.

Does this even remotely remind you of the US War on Drugs that has been dragging on for over years?  

The next thing you know Calderon will get Harvard to sign up Chapo Guzman for the Mason program.

And by the way, our appeal petition to Harvard to oust Calderon is still alive and kicking.

So This Is All Americans Are Clueless About With Immigration?

In response:

Speaking as a retired US Border Patrol Agent, I would agree that most Americans are clueless about immigration.   I find it ironic that this article focuses only upon the writer's claim that two out of there respondents did not know that the number of undocumented decreased from 12 million in 2007 to the 11.2 million that it is today when there are many other more substantive immigration facts that Americans are clueless about.

For instance, how much has our number of undocumented increased or decreased since Reagan's Amnesty of 1986?  Do you know that Reagan's Amnesty was touted to voters as the cure to illegal immigration?  What result did Clinton's NAFTA have upon illegal immigration to the US i.e. did it stop illegal immigration as promised or increase the number to the highest level ever?  What country is our second largest source of oil?   Since 2006 what country has used its own military to fight a US backed drug war that has left over 100,000 people dead?  From what country does 62% of our US undocumented come from?  What country do we share 1.25 billion dollars a day in mutual trade with?

Immigration reform is much more complicated than meets the eye.  Yet the bottom line is the US and the undocumenteds' home country elite simultaneously profiting off of labor and border security.  The current legislation in Washington takes 11.2 million undocumented and gives them a shot at US citizenship for 13 years of labor peonage.  Those same 11.2 million will keep sending remittances back home no matter what this reform outcome is.  Meanwhile US taxpayers will get soaked for 38 billion more going to Washington's crony "border security" industries, not to mention having to deal with the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unwelcomed demographic changes to their small town neighborhoods.

Of course big business wants immigration reform because it will profit off of cheap labor. Yet their polls won't cover the real costs and consequences American taxpayers have been suffering (and will continue to suffer) because of Washington's decades-long failed immigration for profit agendas. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Senator John McCain's Two Ugly Faces of Illegal Immigration

In response:

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent and someone who seriously follows the politics of illegal immigration, no one better displays the insidious nature of the abuse for profit of the undocumented and US taxpayers than John McCain. 

On one hand McCain supports Arizona's Operation Streamline which partners up with ALEC and the Corrections Corporation of America to daily ramrod groups of undocumented people through US District Courts and Immigration prisons in herds of 80+ people at a time.  All court, law enforcement, and prisons tabs ($119 per person per day to the CCA) of course are born by US taxpayers.

On the other McCain and his "Gang of 8" are pushing for immigration "reform" which offers 11.2 million undocumented a change a citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  US taxpayers will be soaked for some 38 billion more in crony "border security" tax dollars while continuing to suffer the consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unwelcomed/unfair demographic changes to their hometown neighborhoods.

The "fight" for and against Illegal immigration has become another highly profitable industry maker for US contractors and their supporting politicians.  This is very similar to Washington's 40 + year long war on drugs.

As far as I am concerned John McCain's war hero status has been desecrated by his politics as noted above.

Monday, August 5, 2013

"Do The Right Thing" - Take Politics Out Of Immigration Reform?

In response:

"Do The Right Thing" -  Take Politics Out Of Immigration Reform?

How can any of these self-serving, profiteering politicians keep a straight face when they parrot the adage "we must do the right thing" and take politics out of immigration reform?

ROFLMAO! Immigration always is, always has been, and always will be about politics and money.  Or more precisely, it is about labor, profit, and power insidiously and simultaneously pandered to by the elite while said elite passes all costs and consequences on to average US taxpayers.

You Washingtonian clowns are tying to capitalize upon the Latino vote while throwing average US taxpayers under your "doing the right thing" immigration bus. 

Yes Pogo, we have met the enemy, and it is these double-talking puppets of the rich and the ignorant American voters who believe in them.

Just educate yourselves about NAFTA and what it did to not only the US commoners, but the Mexican commoners too.

This 2013 attempt at immigration reform will continue and increase NAFTA's disastrous results upon the US and Mexican working classes.

And if you really want to understand what is happening globally, read this article.

We are being used and abused here, just like the undocumented are. 

I wish American voters were as clear as the undocumented are about what is taking place to them.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

WWE: Washington Wrestling Entertainment

In response:

It is astonishing how many posters truly believe that there is a substantial difference between the self-serving Democratic or Republican politicians or parties who control Washington.

It is kind of like the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) on TV:  only switch the word "Washington" for "World".

Both sides work for the same oligarch entertainment company which parades as a democracy (or fair political/wrestling match).  How many of us know that they are really only here to profit and entertain for the admission price of billions of our hard-earned tax dollars?

They are trained entertainers who play life-like dramatic roles slamming and putting each other down.  How many of you know that this is all designed (as "professional" wresting is) to make you think the show is for real?

Only the most hypnotized of you must truly believe that their role playing and acting is serious or that one side or the other is actually wrestling for you and your best interests.

Earth to Washington-mania - it does not matter who is in the middle of the ring at the present "presidential" moment; they work for the same 1% boss and are tag team raping us while simultaneously destroying the most wonderful country on earth.

The saddest part is that many American voters think that their performances and shows are real. They think that only if  their star wrestler president and his or her political team are on top in the ring that they will actually win the match.

We have met the enemy Pogo; they are sitting in the auditorium seats screaming, praying and paying for their current wrestling favorite!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Everyone On The Immigration Reform Bandwagon Insidiously Sells Out Someone Else

In response:

From the article:  "The importance of legislation is that it's a permanent fix," said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum."

Right - a permanent fix for the 11.2 million who snuck through since the last two "permanent fixes" (Clinton's NAFTA and Reagan's Amnesty) failed and insidiously screwed US taxpayers.  

What about these US citizens who suffer the long term effects of overcrowded emergency rooms, job losses, and unwelcomed permanent changes to their home-town neighborhoods?  Not to mention the billions of dollars in "border security" tax dollars that they shell out to Washington's crony security and prison corporations who never quite get the done?

Everyone on board this immigration reform bandwagon insidiously sells out someone else for their own selfish and myopic greed:  the undocumented sell out their fellow countrymen and women by agreeing to a reform that will cause the deaths of many from the their own home-country's next wave of illegal immigration; the home-country and US elite sell out the undocumented for cheap labor and remittances;  the undocumented, Washington, and home-country elite sell out US taxpayers by cramming an increasingly ineffective and costly immigration reform program down their throats;   and many US taxpayers who do not take the time to educate themselves about this immigration reform scam sell out those tax payers who do by approving of reform that will ultimately will not solve the problem of illegal immigration.

When does this selling out and turning on each other in order to enhance the self serving elite's greed end? 

Immigration Reform: 13 Years of Labor and Border Security Cronyism

In response:

Home country poor exported/imported here, profitized by the US and home-country elite with all US costs and consequences paid for by US taxpayers.

This is what we all should be demonstrating about not only here but in the undocumenteds' home-countries too.  

Thirteen years of labor for possible citizenship and billions of taxpayers' dollars for border security cronyism is an insult to all who will suffer the long-lasting damages of this reform atrocity.  

Until these bozos in Washington and their home-country elite fess up and change their ways, immigration reform needs to be shut down in its tracks.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Democratic Coalition for Immigration Reform? Shock and Awe?

In response:

New Coalition: brings up the images of W. Bush's "shock and awe" in Bagdad.
From the "New Democratic Coalition" letter: ".....and fixes our immigration system once and for all".

Like Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA promised to do?  How are you going to fix a system that simultaneously profitizes illegal labor and the privatization of tax payers' dollars for "border security"?

Unless you are going to sanction the corrupt Mexican government until they provide for their own people, or support bi-national revolutions, I don't believe you.

"We have the support of the American people"? My foot.

You may have the support of a small percentage of Americans who (if allowed to) will rip off the rest of us who don't want this charade to continue, but they don't speak for the American people.

They speak to and for you their elected puppets.

Immigration Reform: What A Slap In The Face

In response:
What a slap in the face this proposed immigration reform  is to American taxpayers.  It is they who will suffer  the major US costs and consequences of Washington's continuing profitization of illegal labor and border security agendas.

Is it not also a slap in the face to the undocumented?  When does this treachery stop? 
The Mexican elite discard their own poor and said poor's problems north in exchange for remittances.  The US elite capitalize off of the undocumenteds' labor, prison populations, voting potential, and amnesties.   The US elite profitize billions in US taxpayers funds funneled to crony border security and prison corporations.  The US elite seldom if never face the long hospital emergency room lines, job losses, or unfair demographic changes to their hometown neighborhoods as the US middle class does.

The undocumented and their US supporters are ready to accept 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship.  What kind of precedence does that set for the next wave of poor?  Do you people even care?  How many of your fellow countrymen, women, and children will die as result of the border militarization that accompanies your pitiful little slice of  "legalization"? 
This current bill is unjust and inhumane, yet you people are ready to sell your collective souls to the US corporate devils?  Is it any wonder this world is in such a mess?  Everyone is out for only their pitiful little selves. 

Everyone has a right to be livid about US immigration policies.  The right thing for the US undocumented to do would be to demonstrate against their home country/US policies that push people here to begin with.  That is what should be first on their agenda:  fix this problem before it happens again.

The right thing for US citizens and taxpayers to do would be to demonstrate against the US/home country policies that create illegal immigration to begin with.  Fix this problem before it happens again.

To powerfully make their points US taxpayers, the US undocumented, and all of their supporters should join forces and peacefully shut down the US/Mexican border until these two corrupt governments come to their senses.