Monday, August 19, 2013

The Governmental Rapes of The Common People Of The US and Mexico

In response:

And notice (if you dare) how the elite at Harvard University rewarded ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon with their 2013 Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative fellowship.

Harvard pitched this atrocity as opening its halls of unparalleled education to a man who reformed Mexico's economy and bravely took on organized crime in Mexico.

Do you honestly believe that the Mexican government (or as a matter of fact, the US government) is run by anything but organized crime?

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I have taken the time to study the US "War on Drugs" and Washington's economic relationship with Mexico.

Here is the deal folks:  we (the hard working people of the US and Mexico) are being raped by the bi-national US/Mexican elite.  They propagandize this illegal drug and immigration merry-go-round in order to disguise the fact that both groups have not only profitized these illegal institutions but they have profitized the enforcement industries who are supposed to quell those illegal trades.

Please use you heads:  a failed 40 year long drug war and 27 years of immigration "reform" that have done nothing less than exacerbate both problems for the bi-national common folks and fatten the bank accounts of the elite who control our "leaders" who are suppose to solve these problems.

Please help our bi-national petition appeal to Harvard to remove Calderon from Harvard.  We need 100,000 signatures - one for every person senselessly sacrificed during Calderon's failed US backed drug war. 

I promise that I will hand deliver these signatures to Harvard once the 100,000 mark is met. Please google Harvard petition 100,000 Calderon and sign.


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