Friday, August 9, 2013

Fighting The Root Cause Of Illegal Immigration

In response:

The root cause of illegal immigration is greed.  More specifically, the greed of the elite who profitize the undocumenteds' home-country poverty, undocumented labor and US citizen "border security" tax dollars.

Family separation is a one of the many insidious symptoms of illegal immigration.  This current push for reform would be another temporary fix to family separation of the current 11.2  million undocumented.  

My question is:  what about the next wave who will face these identical problems in the years to come?  What about the US taxpayers who will continue to suffer the costs of failed border security, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses, and unfair demographic changes to their home town neighborhoods? 
The demonstrations making demands about a symptom of illegal immigration (as is the presence of the US undocumented) will further alienate US citizen taxpayers.  It is those taxpayers who suffer the symptoms of illegal immigration too.    

Yet it is these demonstrations that fit right into the elite's game plan:  divide, conquer, and keep people fighting about the symptoms rather than the cause.  Washington now has the undocumented and their supporters agreeing to 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship.  What precedence will this set for Washington and the next push for "reform"?  Possibly 30 years of undocumented labor peonage and 100 billion dollars in taxpayers' expenses funneled to Washington's crony border security buddies' black hole?
I hope this reform is shot down because it will not fix illegal immigration.  In fact, it will promote it.   

Failure of reform could be the impetus for people on both sides to unite and attack the root cause of illegal immigration:  the greed of the elite. 

For instance, would the Mexican undocumented (62% of US undocumented) come or stay in the US if they could make a similar living wage working with their families in Mexico?  Are you actually naïve enough to believe that the corrupt Mexican government could not be economically sanctioned into doing so? 

This could be done.  It would take US citizens and reform supporters to stand up to Washington (or better said stand up to the US elite who profit from their system of illegal immigration for profit).             

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