Thursday, August 22, 2013

Illegal Immigration: Are We Modern Day Salves To Our Own Ignorance?

In response:

Are not the vast majority of us "modern day slaves" to our jobs so that we are able to survive and afford the basics of life (food and shelter)?

I have always been able to find a job and I will assume most of the people who post here have always been able to find a job too.

The vast majority of us do not know what it is like to not be able to find work or to not be able to feed our families.
We do not know that kind of horror, yet many of us here so easily judge those who do know or might know.
Beyond that there are many of us here who blame those who enter the country illegally trying to find work as the cause of illegal immigration.  Kind of like blaming an arsonist's forest fire on the fire and not the criminal who created it.

We blame those while never having walked in their shoes.  We blame those without really understanding our own government's responsibility in creating the undocumenteds' home-country conditions that push them here.

Many don't understand that there are people in this country who insidiously profit off of creating poverty in the undocumenteds' home countries while simultaneously profiting from industries that are designed to stop the illegal immigration.  They also politically profit off of immigration "reform" bills that pretend to solve the same illegal immigration they themselves helped create.

Are you able to see the similarity to our 40 year long "War on Drugs"?

To add insult to injury, many Americans blame the symptoms or the messengers of  poverty (the undocumented) as the cause of US illegal immigration. 

Many of us are enslaved by our own ignorance and will remain so unless we take the time to investigate all of the aspects of illegal immigration and not simply accept what Washington tells us. 

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