Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Drug Violence: The Fault Lies With Everyone Else While No One Is Responsible

In response:

It's the cartels' faults.  No it's the US drug users' faults.  It's the fault of US and global banks.  No it's the fault of  the US government 's failed drug war.  It's NAFTA's fault.  It's the Plan Merida's fault.  It's the US weapons, prison and border security industries' faults.  It's Calderon's fault.  No it's the Mexican Military's fault. It's Pena Nieto's fault.  It is those devil secarios' faults.  It's Nixon's fault.  It is the CIA's fault.  No its those gringo exceptionalists' faults, etc.

I say: 

Poverty, corruption, murderous violence and a global police state all have been created for the continuing profit and insatiable greed of  (in the case of the US and Mexico) the bi-national elite.    
Meanwhile we have been brainwashed it believing that we are powerless because this violence is simultaneously everyone else's fault and no one's  responsibility.

Many of us also incorrectly trust and believe that Washington will protect us from this nightmare.

We have met the enemy Pogo, and Yes Forrest - stupid is as stupid does.