Thursday, August 8, 2013

Americans and Illegal Immigration: The Hell With The Message, "Shoot" The Messengers

In response:

Our own US government's complicity in the issue of illegal immigration is so much more insidious than most Americans ever take the time to realize.

Do you have a clue as to how many fraudulent 1986 Amnesty application were "rubber stamped" through by the Reagan administration?

It was more important for Reagan to appear successful than to tell the truth.

Do you folks know that NAFTA pushed more undocumented into the US than ever before?

Do you have any idea of the powerful economic bond the US has with Mexico?

Do you have any idea of how not only Washington, but Harvard University, pampers ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon?
In response:
With all of this said,  what is the typical American exceptionalists' reaction to illegal immigration?    The hell with the message -"shoot" the messengers!

Connect the dots folks.  US immigration "reform" boils down to the use and abuse of the undocumented for cheap labor, and the use and abuse of you and your tax dollars to fatten Washington's crony "border security" buddies' retirement accounts.

We need to force these self-serving Washington politicians to force the corrupt Mexican government to take care of it own citizens.  When we do that, 62% of our undocumented population would disappear.

Finally I dare you to entertain the idea that the US illegal immigration and drug war for profit systems are but a microcosms of what is happening globally.



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