Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Next? Chapo Guzman At Harvard?

In response:

Americans should be outraged about this disgusting Harvard cronyism with ex Mexican Drug War/NAFTA/US puppet president Felipe Calderon.

Nowhere is the blatantly insidious connection of the bi-national elite more obvious than this Bill Clinton supported, Harvard selected First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and Fellowship Award to ex Mexican President Felipe "100,000 Drug War Dead" Calderon.
The bi-national elite profit from Mexican drugs, Mexican illegal immigration, Mexican labor, Mexican remittances,  the Mexican Drug War, American guns, American Amnesties, American Taxpayer funded Border Militarization, American medical and educational costs for the Mexican undocumented, American investments and American pushed NAFTA which put many Americans out of work while pushing more Mexican undocumented into the US than at any other time in our country's history.

Do you suppose Harvard University is in favor of Pena Nieto continuing Calderon's failed US backed Drug War and Washington's current push to "reform" immigration?  What a deal!  The Mexican undocumented who make up 62% of the US undocumented will "get" a shot at US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  Meanwhile, US taxpayers will be soaked another 38 billion to be added to Washington's crony "border security" buddies retirement plans.

Does this even remotely remind you of the US War on Drugs that has been dragging on for over years?  

The next thing you know Calderon will get Harvard to sign up Chapo Guzman for the Mason program.

And by the way, our appeal petition to Harvard to oust Calderon is still alive and kicking.

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