Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Mexican Army - The Biggest Cartel of Them All

In Response:

Meanwhile Chapo Guzman is still not only at large but "living larger than life" in Mexico.

Author Charles Bowden, a renown expert on Ciudad Juarez and Mexican drug violence called the Mexican Army "the biggest cartel of them all".
This 2006 US supported Mexican Drug War is nothing but a government sponsored cartel take-over/wipeout of the competition propagandized as Mexico's fight against "organized crime".  

H-E-L-L-O America!  The Mexican government (not unlike the US government) is organized crime. To their credit the Mexicans are more violently open and "macho" about the way they do things.

Our two government are in cahoots over illegal drugs.  Look at how Harvard coddles ex-Mexican Drug War (100,00 dead) Felipe Calderon. 

Our petition to shame Harvard into sending Calderon south is open.  Please sign!

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