Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mexican Drugs, Mexican Undocumented and The US Prison Industrial Complex: The Simultaneous Bi-National Profitization Of Legality and Illegality

In Response:

Illegal Drugs: 

Keep them illegal in order to fill our jails with "criminals" while corporate bankers launder cartel profits and Washington privatizes US prisons in order to rake in billions in tax payers' funding.  Create a 40 year long war that institutionalizes and corporatizes drug enforcement as part of the US Military Industrial Complex.  Back Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006 "War On Drugs" which has slaughtered over 100,000 (overwhelming innocent) people while keeping billions is drug profits flowing south.  Reward said tyrant with a lucrative Harvard fellowship.  Profit from creating global poverty that pushes people into using legal and illegal drugs in order to maintain the status quo. 

Remember:  Washington's insidious goal is to enrich their puppet politicians and cronies by "fighting" the perpetual "war" instead of solving the problem. 

Illegal People: 

Keep them illegal for wage and population control.  Create a never ending supply of laborers by creating home-country poverty (NAFTA).  Keep Americans believing that illegal immigration can and will be solved by setting record deportations and the complete militarization of the border.  Reward illegal immigration with periodic amnesties which promise US citizenship in exchange for years of labor peonage.  Wake up:  the Mexican elite conspire with US elite in order to keep this cycle of exportation of their own people in exchange for billions in remittances pumped back into their economy.  Meanwhile, they create bi-national trade and oil dependency that fattens the pocket books of the bi-national rich (1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade) while exporting US jobs and importing undocumented laborers.

Remember:  Washington's diversionary propaganda is used to brainwash Americans into blaming the undocumented instead of solving the problem.      

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